Why whales are mammals and not fish?

Myrna Bashirian asked a question: Why whales are mammals and not fish?
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🐻 Are whales and fish mammals?

Some whales are classified as mammals. Smaller fish are not

🐻 Are whales fish or mammals?


🐻 Are whales mammals or fish?

Whales are not fish. Are whales and dolphins fish? Even though they live in the ocean all of the time, dolphins are mammals, not fish. Like every mammal, dolphins are warm blooded.

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Whales, dolphins, porpoises, seals, walruses, and many other marine animals are mammals, not fish. The marine mammals exist because about 50 to 60 millions of years ago, some mammals wandered off of the land and into the ocean, and there they evolved into different types of marine mammals. For whales and dolphins, their front legs turned into flippers. Their back legs became really tiny, so tiny that you can't even see them when you look at these animals, but they have hind legs still inside ...

Whales are a member of the cetacean family, and as such, despite being wholly water-resident, whales are mammals, not fish.There are only 83 species of cetaceans in the world organized into 14 families and two main subcategories: Toothed whales (Odontoceti, including killer whales, narwhals, dolphins, and porpoises) and baleen whales (Mysticeti, humpback whales, and rorquals).Toothed cetaceans have teeth and eat penguins, fish, and seals.

So if an animal swims in the water, but still gives live birth, it is probably a mammal and not a fish. Whales are interesting because they were fish a long time ago, then became a wolf-like land creature, and then evolved back into the water. So every sea mammal was once a land mammal, but fish have never lived on land. Answer 3: Wales give live birth, make milk, have a three-bone inner ear, and breathe air. Fish do none of these things, but mammals do all of them. Therefore, whales are ...

Whales are mammals because they are warm blooded, give birth to live young, and are genetically very similar to land animals such as us, (when compared to fish). They are land mammals that have evolved back into ocean going creatures. They only lo...

Click here 👆 to get an answer to your question ️ Why is a whale, mammal and not a fish? funnyrohitd4073 funnyrohitd4073 29.05.2020 Science Secondary School answered Why is a whale, mammal and not a fish? 2 See answers ...

Whales are mammals, and not fish. Whales are warm blooded, breath air, and give birth to live young, all key signifiers of mammals; Whales would not be considered fish as they are not cold blooded, don't breath through gills, and don't lay eggs. Yes, whales are mammals. Whales, like many other large sea creatures, are classified as marine mammals, and certain species of whales are actually some of the largest mammals on earth. There can be some confusion concerning sea creatures regarding ...

No fishes are not mammals, however there are some particular individuals in the fish family that come under the marine mammal category. It includes whales, dolphins etc. Fishes are neither mammals and they also do not come under the division of amphibians. Taxonomically, fish come under the extinct term called “pisces” or “ichthyes”.

Why whales are called Mammals and not Fishes?|Why Whales And Dolphins Are Not fishes|.FACT NUMBER-150.HELLO,Welcome to the channel 'FACTASTIC'.IN THIS VIDEO-...

Whales are warm blooded, which means they keep a high body temperature that does not change in the cold water. Fish are cold-blooded, so their body temperature … aryangupta78901234in aryangupta78901234in 27.02.2019 Biology Secondary School Why whales are not grouped in the fishes? 2 See answers ...

William Sampson and his team representing the fish oil inspector admitted that science held that whales were mammals. But, they argued, “such a construction of a statute would be in opposition to the well-established rules of the common law.” The lawyers explained, “applying this plain rule to this case, all refined theories are at once put to flight, and the words ‘fish oils’ must be considered as embracing the oil of the whale, as well as that of any other fish.”

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Why whales are classified as mammals not fish?

Sharks are fish, except that “fish” is not a modern scientific term, so it is uncertain exactly what ”fish” means. Yes, whales are mammals. Both because they have the mammalian traits of producing milk and having hair/fur (yes they do!), but also because they descend from earlier mammals.

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Are mammals fish?

This means, for example, there can be no definition of fish that does not include everything that evolved from fish… Mammals evolved from animals that evolved from amphibians, so mammals are fish.

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Why are whales and dolphins mammals and not fish?

Neither, they are mammals.IMPROVED ANSWER:Dolphins are small, toothed whales. Like all whales, dolphins are mammals not fish. Many scientists believe that dolphins rank among the most intelligent...

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Why are whales classified as mammals and not fish?

Whales have tiny hairs on their backs, and mammals have to have hair to be classified as mammals, and fish CAN NOT have hair.

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Why don’t whales eat large fish and marine mammals?

certain toothed whales do hunt marine animals, but the reason why the largest animals to ever wander the earth doesn’t have a diet of larger organisms is rather simple: energy. It takes a lot of work to hunt down and catch prey, plus larger food i...

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Are whales mammals?

Are Whales Mammals? Yes, whales are mammals whose bodies have evolved for an aquatic existence. Despite having flippers and a tail rather than arms and legs, whales possess all of the characteristics of mammals, and are

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Why are dolphins and whales considered mammals and not fish?

First of all sharks are not mammals, they are fish. Whales and dolphins are considered mammals because they have the characteristics of being a mammal.

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Why do whales look more like fish than other mammals?

Convergent evolution, when distinct animal lineages evolve similar characteristics to deal with similar challenges imposed by similar environments. Whales, just like fish, have adapted to an aquatic environment by becoming agile

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Are any fish mammals?

Sharks, stingrays, skates, eels, puffers, seahorses, clownfish are all examples of fishes. Marine mammals are a group of animals that can either partially or completely aquatic vertebrates that have lungs, have hair (at least at one point in their life), produce milk for live birth, and are endothermic.

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Are saltwater fish mammals?

Fish are not mammals, they are fish.

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What fish are mammals?

No true fish are mammals. There are marine mammals such as the dolphin, orca, and whales.

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What mammals are fish?

some people may think that dolphins and whales are fish, they are not because dolphins and whales breath air just like mammals do

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Are gray whales mammals?

yes gray whales are mammals. They are marine mammals.

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Are pilot whales mammals?

Yes, pilot whales are mammals.

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Do whales eat mammals?

  • What Do Whales Eat. Different species of whales eat very different things. Toothed whales (such as killer whales) have large sets of teeth. They will feed on schools of fish, squid and other marine mammals (such as seals). A few toothed whale species eat other whales and dolphins.

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Whales and dolphins mammals?

Toothed whales account for all the remaining 77 species of whales, dolphins and porpoises and they all have varying numbers of teeth. Toothed whales eat mainly larger fish, squid, octopus and at times, other marine mammals. So which cetaceans do we call ‘whales’?

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Why are whales mammals?

Whales play a significant role in the health of our environmen t and our understanding of marine mammals. Furthermore, they support growing economies that rely on whale watching, and spectator activities by bringing in capital through tourism.

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Are dolphins fish or mammals?

So for years "dolphin" has worked just fine, at least between us fishermen because we know exactly what critter we're referring to. We can't, and don't fish for the mammal dolphin, so if for some...

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Are dolphins mammals and fish?

porpoise white shark

Key difference: The main difference between fish and dolphin is that the dolphins are mammals, whereas fishes are aquatic animals. Many people confuse dolphins with big fishes. However, such is not the case.

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Are dolphins mammals or fish?

Being that dolphins look like fish and resemble many other large sea creatures people are usually shocked to find out that they are in fact mammals. This can be a confusing concept to get your head around, especially since dolphins have a similar appearance to sharks (sharks are actually a type of fish).

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Are narwhals mammals or fish?

Narwhals are light-colored marine mammals, dappled with numerous dark spots across their skin. They have a torpedo-shaped body, which is more hydrodynamic, allowing …

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