Why is there no volume control on dolphin?

Arturo Waters asked a question: Why is there no volume control on dolphin?
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  • I found a line in the config file and changed that "volume" entry from 100 to 20. Now in Dolphin config tab, the volume slider is at 20% but still greyed out. Problem is, that made no difference to the volume. Can anyone suggest what may be the problem.


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🐻 Is there a way to control the volume of dolphin?

Use sound mixer. Right-click on volume, the option to select the mixer should show up.

🐻 Is there a remote control for the dolphin 30i?

  • Just about all items / modes can be done directly from the power supply itself. The Bluetooth app only give you 2 additional features. First is the remote control. As you would expect, it allows you to direct the 30i to where ever you like in the event it missed a spot, or you have a particular area you want to address first.

🐻 How to fix volume control on dish network remote?

Fixing the DISH TV Remote Volume Not Working Error

  1. Step 1: Check the Status of Your Batteries. The first thing you want to do is to make sure that the batteries of your controller are still good…
  2. Step 2: Restart the Receiver and Television…
  3. Step 3: Check Remote Control Information…
  4. Step 4: Reprogram DISH TV Remote Control.

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2 years ago. Use sound mixer. Right-click on volume, the option to select the mixer should show up. 3. level 1. Sausagefunny. 2 years ago. Or go to the config tab, then audio, then drag the slider all the way down. 3.

After that, head over to the Advanced tab and check the Exclusive mode Uncheck the box next to the Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device option. Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device. Click OK and OK again to confirm all changes and head back to OBS to see if it’s able to pick up the game sound properly!

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How to import dolphin controls control?

[Controls] The following entries go under [Controls] section of the GameINI. GameCube Controller Port. Possible values include: 0: "Nothing" 5: "GBA" 6: "Standard Controller" 7: "Keyboard" 8: "Steering Wheel" 9: "Dance Mat" 10: "DK Bongos" PadType0 = 0 PadType1 = 0 PadType2 = 0 PadType3 = 0 GameCube Controller Profile

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How to program dolphin speedometer control?

MKW-Dolphin-Speedometer. Speedometer as overlay on your desktop for Mario Kart Wii. This program only works on Dolphin 5.0 stable, i might fix this in the future.

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How do i turn the volume down on dolphin?

  1. level 1. AnxientDuck. · 2y. Use sound mixer. Right-click on volume, the option to select the mixer should show up…
  2. level 1. Sausagefunny. · 2y. Or go to the config tab, then audio, then drag the slider all the way down. Share.
  3. level 2. CJBelgin101. Op · 2y. Thanks. Share.

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How to do bone volume rendering using dicom dolphin?

Earlier this year, I learned something about DICOM datasets that surprised me. I had downloaded a Head-Neck CT+PET study, and I wanted to create a volume array in MATLAB. I tried to do this the hard way at first, and of course I got it wrong. (Spoiler: there's an easy way.)I naively assumed that there was some meaning to the

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Why does dolphin not show up in volume mixer?

  • Dolphin does show up in volume mixer but it doesnt ever say it is attempting to play any audio. Around this time dolphin started having issues doing almost anything. Whenever I clicked on a dropdown it wouldnt always open and if I tried changing audio settings or turned on the DSU client setting as well as a few other things.

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Dolphin hangs after attempting a control map?

I am running Dolphin 5.0 and have tried Dolphin 5.0-11827 as well on macOS 10.15.3. Every time I open Controllers and click Configure to attempt to map my DS4, the app stops responding. I don't know w

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How to control speed dolphin emulator keyboard?

CONTROL GUIDEA=dribble ,dashX,Z= use defence ,midfeilder move respect..S= For all hissastsu shoot ,awaking shoot,chain shoot,mixmax etcE=Menu(pause match)Arr...

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How to describe a dolphin noise control?

Note that many of the specific noise control measures described are intended as a rough guide only. Further information on the subject can be found in ISO 11690 and in the specialised literature. Also suppliers of equipment and noise control hardware can often provide helpful noise control advice. 10.2. NOISE CONTROL STRATEGIES (See ISO 11690)

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How to export import control schemes dolphin?

NOAA Fisheries has launched an online tool to help seafood traders easily identify trade monitoring requirements for their products. The Seafood Import and Export Tool assists users in determining which NOAA trade monitoring programs a specific product falls under based on user-provided information. Seafood Import and Export Tool

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How to set up dolphin control keyboard?

dolphin keyboard

Most emulators need you to configure the controllers in their settings, and some games require you to enable multiplayer somewhere, or configure it further. Parsec's controllers are not special and just work as if an ordinary xbox controller was plugged on the host computer via USB. If you're confused about how to configure your game/emulator or whether the game has multiplayer, look it up online. Just keep in mind two things:

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How to sync dolphin to remote control?

Open Dolphin and click on the "Wiimote" button. Make sure that the Input Source is set to "Real Wiimote". The Wiimote should vibrate after clicking "OK". It may be the case that your Wiimote won't be connected properly the first time.

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How to use motion control with dolphin?

dolphin controller bottlenose dolphin

Can Dolphin emulate Wii Motion Plus? Dolphin adds support for Wii MotionPlus emulation. Does Wii Motion Plus work with Dolphin? Fortunately, they can work with Dolphin — with some special requirements. This guide tells you how to connect and use a RVL-CNT-01-TR Wii Remote Plus in Dolphin.

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What parts of dolphin brain control vocalization?

Although humans have difficulty whistling when in a habitat that is more than 20 meters underwater, dolphins can make certain sounds at great depths through a related mechanism. Other dolphin sounds, such as clicks and complex buzzes, are produced by vibrations of the tissue of the nasal plugs, apparently without the use of the larynx; in these instances, the air sacs act as reservoirs.

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How do i calibrate my dolphin control stick?

Start > Control Panel > at the top right Search for Joystick > Set up USB Controllers > Properties > Calibrate > Follow onscreen prompts. Tried it and everything works now! Thanks!

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How do you control a dolphin in minecraft?

The game control to feed the llama depends on the version of Minecraft: For Java Edition (PC/Mac), right click on the llama. For Pocket Edition (PE), you move your pointer over the llama and press the Feed button. For Xbox 360 and Xbox One, press the LT button on the Xbox controller.

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How does a dolphin control its body temperature?

The dolphin is warm-blooded. Its dorsal fin and flukes help to release excess heat to keep its body temperature at 97 to 99 degrees C.

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How to export import control schemes dolphin express?

Export and import models. 10/01/2018; 2 minutes to read; R; In this article. Model files let you distribute models to customers and partners, and can be installed in development environments. They are key components of a Lifecycle Services (LCS) solution.

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How to export import control schemes dolphin online?

To import other breeds of dogs, or the semen or embryos of a dog into New Zealand, the importer or their agent will need to provide the New Zealand Customs Service with: a declaration (available from Customs) which is to be made in New Zealand, stating that, to the best of their knowledge and belief, the dog, embryo, or semen is not one of the above breeds; and

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How to let other control dolphin from discord?

The Discord server was merged with another one that was also existing. Link on the first post is now pointing to the new merged server. MSI Desktop: Intel Core i7-9700K 3.6 GHz/4.7 GHz, 32 Go DDR4, NVidia GeForce RTX 2080, 512 Go SSD + 2 To HDD, Windows 10 Professional x64 Insider Preview (Slow Ring)... and of course latest Dolphin x64 ...

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How to slowly use control pad in dolphin?

Verify that you're using Dinput as stated above. Sometimes you also need to hit the refresh button in GC Pad Settings.

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Is the control box for my dolphin waterproof?

The power supply is water resistant but not waterproof. Please cover the power supply if inclement weather approaches. Do not leave the power supply in standing water as this will damage the internal components. Do not allow the power supply to be submerged in the pool. Can I use my Dolphin pool cleaner with an extension cord or surge protector?

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What parts of dolphin brain control vocalization activities?

dolphin brains Kieran C. R. Fox 1 , Michael Muthukrishna 2,3 and Susanne Shultz 4 * Encephalization, or brain expansion, underpins humans’ sophisticated social cognition, including language ...

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What parts of dolphin brain control vocalization problems?

What part of the brain controls emotions? We'll break down the origins of basic human emotions, including anger, fear, happiness, and love. You'll also learn about the hormones involved in these ...

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