Why is a pink river dolphin pink?

Golda Flatley asked a question: Why is a pink river dolphin pink?
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They come in many shades of pink (and gray).

But, many don't know that it also comes in a variety of other shades. The dolphins actually start off gray when they are young, and slowly turn pink as they get older. Their final color can be influenced by their behavior, diet, capillary placement, and exposure to sunlight.


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🌴 What makes a pink river dolphin a pink dolphin?

  • While Pinky isn’t an Amazon river dolphin, some suspect her pink color is the result of a rare genetic mutation. Pink river dolphins, or botos, are born gray and then become pinker as they get older. “I just happened to see a little pod of dolphins, and I noticed one that was a little lighter.

🌴 Is the pink river dolphin rare?

To visitors of the Peruvian Amazon, the “boto”, or pink river dolphin is a rare and beautiful creature… In reality, the pink river dolphin is one of two species of endangered freshwater dolphins that are found in similar locations throughout the Amazon and Orinoco river basins.

🌴 What do pink river dolphin eat?

What do pink river dolphins eat?

  • Pink dolphins eat crabs, catfish, small river fish and even small turtles. As crabs and turtles have to be catch mainly at the bottom of the river, pink dolphins spend a lot of time while swimming looking at the bottom of the river for food.

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What is a pink river dolphin species?

The Amazon river dolphin (Inia geoffrensis), also known as the boto, bufeo or pink river dolphin, is a species of toothed whale classified in the family Iniidae....

Amazon river dolphin
What is killing the pink river dolphin?

Pollution. Mercury pollution from small-scale gold mining activities are one of the main threats to the Bolivian river dolphin, a subspecies of the Amazon river dolphin. The mercury reaches dolphins through the food chain.

What makes the amazon river dolphin pink?

The dolphins are actually born gray and slowly turn pink as they age. Male dolphins are strikingly pinker than their female counterparts; the coloration thought to be a product of scar tissue resulting from rough games or fighting over conquests.

When was the pink river dolphin discovered?

The newly proposed species marks the first new discovery of a true river dolphin since 1918, when researchers identified Lipotes vexillifer, the Yangtze river dolphin or baiji, in China. The baiji was declared "functionally extinct" in 2006 after scientists failed to find even one individual.

Can a pink river dolphin change its color?
  • Fact #1: The Amazon pink river dolphin can change its color! Although Amazon pink river dolphins are famous for its pink hue, they weren’t born this way. The dolphins are actually born gray and slowly turn pink as they age. Their final color can be influenced by their behavior, capillary placement, diet, and exposure to sunlight.
How big can a pink river dolphin get?

Although the most significant part is in Brazil, it’s not the only country where these pink dolphins live. You can see them in Bolivia, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela, as well. They are heavy and long The adult river dolphins can easily reach 185 kilograms (408 pounds) and 2.5 m (8.2 ft) in length. The biggest brain of all dolphins

How big does a pink river dolphin get?
  • They are classified as “Endangered to vulnerable”. The estimated population is around ten thousands. Out of the five freshwater species, the pink river dolphin comes out on top. Measuring at up to 9 feet/2.7 meters long, 400 pounds/181 kilograms, and living up to 30 years old, these animals are massive.
How big is a pink amazon river dolphin?
  • They are between 8.25 ft (2.5 m) and 9.75 ft (3 m) long and usually weigh around 200 lbs (90 kg). They have long beaks and tiny eyes. Vision is limited in the muddy waters of the rivers and they probably rely more on echolocation (sonar) than their vision. Instead of a dorsal fin, this species has more...
How can we help the pink river dolphin?

WWF encourages local communities along a vital stretch of dolphin habitat to use natural fertilizers, not dispose of domestic sewage in the river, reforest the river bank, and ban commercial fishing and sand-mining activities.

How fast can a pink river dolphin swim?

A bottlenose dolphin can reach speeds of 20mph but the pink dolphins can only seem to manage around 14mph. In an aquarium you are unlikely to see these bursts of speed. You will see the power when they strike at a food source in the water though.

How long does a pink river dolphin swim?
  • What also helps is that they can turn their heads a full 180 degrees, allowing them great visibility in shallow waters and floodplains. They swim up to 30 kilometers per day, however they move quite slowly as they are always on the lookout for food. They are social animals, expect to see them swimming in pods like other species of dolphins!
Is the pink river dolphin really a myth?
  • Despite the varying names, one thing remains constant: the pink river dolphin retains a semi-mythical status throughout the Amazon Jungle, thanks to the colorful legends that have sprung up around it. One of the most pervasive legends in the Amazon is that of the shape-shifting river dolphin.
Is there a pink river dolphin in bolivia?
  • Amazon pink river dolphin tour. Come and experience the magnificence of the Bolivian Amazon jungle and spot freshwater dolphins during our Amazon pink river dolphin tour! The Amazon pink river dolphin (freshwater dolphin) or “Bolivian Bufeo” (Inia Boliviensis) has been declared Bolivia’s Natural Heritage.
Is there a pink river dolphin in china?

zhenghua zhuhai China / Getty Images Where to See the Pink Dolphins . The natural habitat of the pink dolphin is the Pearl River estuary, with the largest groups clustered around Lantau Island and Peng Chau. Your best bet to see the creatures up close is Dolphinwatch, a quasi-environmental tour group that offers regular boat trips to Lantau and a 96 percent success rate on sightings.

What is the pink river dolphin famous for?
  • The pink river dolphin, famous for its color and a central figure in Amazonian folklore, is more docile and an easier subject for scientists to study. Researchers are now seeking to find out more about each of the two Amazonian dolphin species and understand their peculiarities.
What kind of animal is pink river dolphin?
  • The Amazon river dolphin is more commonly known as pink river dolphin, on account of the vivid pink colouration that many take on as they get older and their skin endures more abrasions.
What makes the pink river dolphin so special?
  • A unique characteristic of the pink river dolphin is the unfused vertebrae in its neck, which allows for the 180-degree head turn, giving them greater flexibility in floodplain forests, grassland, tributaries and shallow waters. Another added hunting benefit is their excellent eyesight which they use to locate prey in clear water.
What's the legend of the pink river dolphin?
  • The Legend Of The Pink River Dolphin. The Pink River Dolphin is the subject of an interesting legend in the Amazon. It is believed that in the evening, the River Dolphin can transform itself into a man, hypnotizing and seducing unsuspecting, young women.
What's the name of the pink river dolphin?
  • The Amazon river dolphin is also called a boto or the pink river dolphin, and its scientific name is Inia Geoffrensis. The animal’s common name comes from where it often makes its home and its skin color.
Where can you find the pink river dolphin?

You can find it most often in small tributaries, lakes, flooded forests, and submerged grasslands, among other places. These fascinating dolphins can be found in six countries: Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela.

Where to see pink river dolphin in brazil?
  • Five hours upstream by boat from the northern city of Iquitos, the Pacaya Samiria Reserve is one of the best preserved areas of rainforests in Latin America. Here the friendly Pink River Dolphin is commonly observed on multiple occasions during three, four or seven night expedition cruises.
Why does the amazon river dolphin turn pink?
  • The amazon river dolphins or botos are born grey and become pinker with age. This is because, as the dolphin grows older, its skin becomes more translucent allowing the blood to show through. When excited, they will flush to a bright pink temporarily, like your face might when you get embarrassed or excited.
Why is the amazon river dolphin called the pink dolphin?
  • The Amazon river dolphin (Inia geoffrensis) has a pink color on its skin, therefore is known as the “pink dolphin.” Also, some species have stripes or spots of different sizes, colors, and shapes. Skeleton. The bone structure of dolphins is lighter than that of terrestrial mammals as it has to withstand less weight in the water.