Where is migaloo the whale?

Jalen Romaguera asked a question: Where is migaloo the whale?
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Video answer: Migaloo mystery after two years without sightings of the .

Migaloo mystery after two years without sightings of the .

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Migaloo is one of the thousands of humpback whales that migrate from the cold waters of the Antarctic to the warm waters of the Great Barrier Reef and back again each year. They can usually be seen from May until November, but this year whales have been spotted in New South Wales and Victoria earlier than usual.


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Australian whale watchers asking 'where is white .

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Migaloo is a part of a population of humpback whales that feed in Antarctica during the months of November – May, which are summer and fall in the Southern Hemisphere.

Migaloo, as rare as he is, isn’t the only white whale in Australia. He is one of the unique handfuls of white whales in the world. His special counterparts are named Willow, Bahloo and Migaloo Jr; a calf spotted in 2011 with a normally pigmented mother.

Here’s everything you need to know about Migaloo, the white whale: Migaloo is an adult white male humpback whale, estimated to have been born in 1986. He was first spotted in 1991 passing through Byron Bay. It’s estimated that Migaloo was 3-5 years old when he was first sighted. Migaloo has brown ...

“In the past few years, Migaloo has been spotted in June coming through Cook Strait, between the north and south islands of New Zealand,” he said. “If he is going to turn up, it will be around this time. There are a lot of whales, and the population out there is likely to be in excess of 40,000.

Migaloo, Australia’s favourite white whale, has been spotted for the first time this season off the south coast of New South Wales, heading north on his annual migration from Antarctica to Queensland. Whale watchers expect the beloved mammal to “cruise past” Sydney some time today, and Byron Bay anytime from Wednesday this week.

Breaking News: A white whale possibly #Migaloo has been sighted along the NSW South Coast heading north. Estimated to cruise past Sydney anytime soon and Cape Byron anytime from Wednesday this...

Welcome to the official website of 'Migaloo', the most well known humpback whale on Australia's east coast. This website was setup as a crucial communication between universities, researchers, the media and the general public. It maintains a log of all white humpback whale sightings in Australia and is used as a central source for anyone wanting to ...

The White Humpback Whale (Migaloo) Migaloo loosely means ‘white fella’ in the Aboriginal language of Australia, and it accurately describes the only mature albino humpback whale known to be in existence. Migaloo was first seen on the Australian coast in 1991, and there have been documented sightings of him ever since.

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Video answer: Extremely rare white whale spotted off australia coast

Extremely rare white whale spotted off australia coast