Where do minke whales migrate to?

Jay Turner asked a question: Where do minke whales migrate to?
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  • Habitat and Migration. The Antarctic/Southern minke whale can be found traveling throughout all of the major oceans in the southern hemisphere. In many cases these whales tend to prefer living in cool/cold climates rather than in tropical waters.


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🌴 Do minke whales migrate?

  • Like other great whales, minkes migrate to temperate and tropical waters in winter and polar waters in summer. Minke whales are often solitary, although they often travel in pairs or groups of three. In higher latitudes they are sometimes found in larger groups.

🌴 Where do baird's whales migrate?

  • Habitat and Migration. These animals prefer the cool waters of the Northern Pacific from California to the Bering Sea and in the waters around Japan at depths of at least 3,300 ft or more. Migratory patterns suggest that warmer waters during the summer and autumn bring the Baird’s whales closer to the coastal regions.

🌴 Where do bowhead whales migrate?

Bowhead whales are creatures of habit. They spend their summers in the Amundsen Gulf and the Tuktoyaktuk Shelf region of Canada and then migrate along the northern coast of Alaska past Utqiagvik, before going south to the Bering Sea, where they stay for the winter.

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Where do Minke Whales Go in Winter? Researchers traced the migratory paths of minke whales using hydrophones. © GREMM In the fall, nearly all baleen whales in the St…

Minke whales in Alaskan waters are migratory, but animals in the inland waters of California/Oregon/Washington are considered "residents" because they establish home …

Minke Whales. Where do minke whales migrate? Wiki User. ∙ 2010-07-22 10:35:47. See answer. Best Answer. Copy. they migrate from the arctics to the tropics …

Where do minke whales migrate? they migrate from the arctics to the tropics of Australia… It is estimated that there are about 800,000 minke whales …

Minke Whales have earned the name “Stinky Minkes” because of the less-than-appealing smell of their spouting. Minkes migrate to warmer waters during the colder winter …

Seasonal movements: Minke whales migrate north in the spring and summer through coastal waters. During their southern migration in the autumn and winter theyare …

Until recently, little was understood about North Pacific minke whale migratory patterns. While animals in the extreme north are thought to be migratory, heading to southern waters in the winter, it was not known if this was the case for populations in the eastern North Pacific.

Minke Whales typically create a habitat near the poles (the North Pole for Common Minke Whale and the South Pole for Antarctic Minke Whale) in the spring. During the fall and winter, they migrate to warmer water closer to the equator.

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Where do killer whales go to migrate?
  • Even killer whales need a little spa treatment now and then. The marine mammals migrate thousands of miles each year from Antarctica to warmer waters. The annual trek - up to 7,000 miles roundtrip - is considered one of the longest migrations on the planet.
Where do melon headed whales migrate to?

Based on photo identification, satellite telemetry tag, and genetic research, we believe there are two populations of melon-headed whales in Hawaii—a large population that moves frequently among the islands that uses deep waters (4,600 to 6,000 feet deep), and a small population resident to the island of Hawaii that ...

Where do new england whales migrate to?

Each winter nearly the entire population of Humpbacks we see off the New England coast migrates fifteen-hundred miles to the warm, tropical waters of the Caribbean to mate and give birth to their calves.

Where do southern right whales migrate to?

During the Southern Hemisphere winter months (June – October) the southern right whales migrate to the coastal waters of South Africa, with more than 100 whales known to visit the Hermanus area.

Where do the blue whales migrate to?

In the Southern Hemisphere, Antarctic blue whales occur mainly in relatively high latitude waters south of the "Antarctic Convergence" and close to the ice edge in summer. They generally migrate to middle and low latitudes in winter, although not all whales migrate each year.

Where do whales migrate north or south?
  • Most North Atlantic right whales head south for the winter, to the shallow coastal waters off the southeastern United States . That's where the females give birth to calves-a single calf every 3-5 years. In spring the whales migrate north.
Where can i find minke whales?

Around Scotland, minke whales occur mainly in waters over the continental shelf (<200m depth) and can often be seen close to land. Minke are most often spotted around Scotland between July and September, but they can be seen at any time between May and October, and a few may stay here year-round.

Where can i see minke whales?
  • Minke Whales can be seen around the Hebrides from April until September and visit our waters to feed. They feed on a range of fish species, including sandeels and herring, they will also feed on some plankton.
Where do dwarf minke whales live?
  • The dwarf minke occurs in tropical, temperate, and polar waters of the South Atlantic, South Pacific, and Indian Ocean and is currently considered an unnamed subspecies of the common minke whale.
Do northern bottlenose whales migrate?

Hyperoodon ampullatus is generally migratory, spending the spring and early summer in the more northern latitudes and migrating south for the winter, and consists of at least two distinct populations.

When do right whales migrate?
  • Right Whales start to migrate north in late winter and early spring, stopping to feed and socialize off the coast of Massachusetts. In June and July, and up until August and September, a very high proportion of the world’s North Atlantic Right Whales can be found in the feeding grounds in the Bay of Fundy and on the Scotian Shelf.
Are minke whales aggressive?

In nearly two decades of field research on dwarf minkes, such behaviours have never been followed by a higher level of aggression or been associated with other agonistic behaviour.

Are minke whales dangerous?

Oil spills and other water pollution are another danger, whether to sperm whales and dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico or to belugas, bowheads and narwhals in the Arctic.

Are minke whales friendly?

Considered the smallest type of baleen whale, minke whales are beautiful, graceful creatures that are gentle and friendly towards humans, making them a delight to scuba dive with.

Do short-finned pilot whales migrate?

Pilot whales are generally nomadic, but a few resident populations have been identified and studied in different locations. They are apparently attracted to areas with varied depth contours that can be linked with high productivity. Long finned pilot whales off the coast of Italy.

Where are minke whales found in the world?
  • Minke whales are the most common of the great whale species, and can be found throughout the world's oceans. Factors like age, maturity and sex dictate exactly where individuals will live.
Where can i see minke whales in scotland?
  • Around Scotland, minke whales occur mainly in waters over the continental shelf (<200m depth) and can often be seen close to land. Minke are most often spotted around Scotland between July and September, but they can be seen at any time between May and October, and a few may stay here year-round.
Where do dwarf minke whales live in australia?
  • More recently still, researchers off eastern Australia have identified a further possible dwarf sub-species. These dwarf minke whales are much smaller, more sociable and live in groups. Highly inquisitive individuals, they will also come up close to researchers’ boats to suss out their new visitors!
Where do minke whales get their krill from?
  • So, the krill and fish are caught by bristles on the baleen and swallowed, while the seawater washes through and goes back into the ocean. Where do Antarctic minke whales live? As their name suggests, Antarctic minke whales live mainly in Antarctica! Some migrate northwards in winter months to find warmer seas, while others stay put all year round.
Where do minke whales go during the summer?
  • The distribution of minke whales varies by age, reproductive status, and sex. Older mature males are commonly found in the polar regions in and near the ice edge—often in small social groups—during the summer feeding season. Mature females will also migrate farther into the higher latitudes, but generally remain in coastal waters.
Where do minke whales go in the ocean?

The Antarctic minke whale is found in southern hemisphere waters, where a dwarf subspecies of the common minke whale also exists. The large form of the common minke whale is found in the North Atlantic Ocean and the North Pacific Ocean.

Where do minke whales go in the winter?
  • Some migrate northwards in winter months to find warmer seas, while others stay put all year round. Sometimes, groups can be seen gathering amongst the pack ice breaking breathing holes with their pointed beaks. From November through to January, large numbers of minke whales can be found in Antarctica. After that, it’s a mystery.
Where do minke whales go to calving grounds?
  • These whales are part of the Eastern North Pacific population that range from Alaska to Costa Rica. They migrate between feeding areas along the west coast of the United States and Canada and breeding and calving grounds off Mexico and Central America. They are thought to be among the most endangered of the great whales. Photo by NOAA Minke whale
Where do minke whales live in south america?
  • Antarctic minke whales occur throughout much of the Southern Hemisphere. In the western South Atlantic, they have been recorded off Brazil from 0°53'N to 27°35'S (nearly year-round), Uruguay, off central Patagonia in Argentina (November–December), and in the Strait of Magellan and Beagle Channel of southern Chile (February–March)]
Where do minke whales live in the ocean?
  • Common minke whales and are found in oceans all over the world. They prefer cooler temperatures, are frequently seen in coastal and inshore waters and are less common in tropical waters. During the winter they typically travel toward warmer waters to breed and in summer move closer to colder waters near the poles to feed. What do minke whales eat?