Where do blue dolphins live in the ocean?

Lisandro Zemlak asked a question: Where do blue dolphins live in the ocean?
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🌴 What ocean do blue dolphins live in?

umm.... theres no such thing as blue dolphins

🌴 Where do blue dolphins live?

Where do dolphins live? Dolphins live in the world’s seas and oceans and in some rivers too. Some dolphin species prefer to live in coastal areas, others like shallow water but prefer to live away from the coast close to patches of shallower water which are located further out to sea. Orcas are the only dolphins which live in the Arctic and ...

🌴 Where do ocean dolphins live in the ocean?

  • Location: These dolphins live mostly in tropical or temperate waters. They prefer to live along shelf edges and in areas where there is a sharp bottom relief, such as shelf edges and escarpments. These dolphins are very social and often traval in enormous pods of over a thousand.

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Common bottlenose dolphins live for 40 to 60 years. 3. Female bottlenose dolphins give birth to a calf every 3 to 6 years after a 12-month gestation period. 1 4. Common bottlenose dolphins travel alone or in groups of about 12, but

The franciscana is closely related to the Amazon River dolphin and their ancestors are thought to have lived in rivers. The modern river dolphins now only survive in South America and Asia. Botos live in the Amazon and Orinoco river systems and flooded rainforests of South America.

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Where do dolphins live in the indian ocean?
  • Dolphins of the second subspecies, C.c.kerguelenensis, were discovered in the 1950s. They reside near the Kerguelen Islands in the southern part of the Indian Ocean, and prefer shallow waters.
Where do dolphins live in the open ocean?
  • Most large whales belong to this first group. Dolphins belong to the second group which has teeth. Dolphins live mainly in warm, tropical seas in the open ocean, bays, and coral reefs. They join together in herds or groups. Sometimes as many as one million live together but they usually live in smaller herds.
Where do dolphins live in the pacific ocean?
  • Pacific Bottlenose Dolphins: Bottlenose dolphins of the Pacific Ocean can be found from Japan to Australia and Southern Cali to Chile. Spinner Dolphins: This dolphin species prefers warmer waters and can be found in the Pacific coast of Central America and even Thailand as well.
Where do dolphins live on the ocean floor?

The Bottlenose Dolphins view-able from Ocean City are part of the “Mid-Atlantic Coastal Migratory” stock. They tend to have seasonal residencies from New Jersey through north of Cape Hatteras. In the fall they will migrate south

Where do dolphins live the sea or ocean?


Where do dusky dolphins live in the ocean?
  • Habitat: Dusky dolphins are found in the cooler waters along continental shelves in waters less than less than 650 feet deep, throughout the southern hemisphere.
Where do fraser dolphins live in the ocean?

They live in tropical, subtropical, and calm regions of the Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean, and the Atlantic Ocean. Units can be exceptionally enormous, numbering more than 200 people. Units can be exceptionally enormous, numbering more than 200 people.

Where do gray dolphins live in the ocean?
  • Risso's dolphins, sometimes called gray dolphins, are found in the temperate and tropical zones of all the world’s oceans. These cetaceans generally prefers deeper offshore waters, especially near the continental shelf edge and slope, where they can dive to at least 1,000 feet and hold their breath for 30 minutes.
Where do hourglass dolphins live in the ocean?

Hourglass Dolphins live in the icy Southern Sea. Unlike many of the other dolphin species that do not go above Scotland or below the Falkland Islands, they bodies adapt to the cold sea.

Where do humpback dolphins live in the ocean?
  • Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphins are found in tropical and temperate coastal waters of the Indian & Pacific Oceans from northern Australia and southern China in the east, through Indonesia and around the coastal rim of the Indian Ocean to southern Africa. They are known to enter rivers, estuaries and mangroves.
Where do maui dolphins live in the ocean?

Māui dolphins live only on the west coast of the North Island from Maunganui Bluff to Whanganui. They were once found along most of the west coast of the North Island from Cook Strait to Ninety Mile Beach.

Where do oceanic dolphins live in the ocean?
  • Species of oceanic dolphins (Delphinidae) inhabit the open ocean, though this is not a strict rule for the group (in some cases, oceanic dolphins inhabit coastal waters or riverine habitats).
Where do pink dolphins live in the ocean?
  • There are approximately 24 species of dolphins discovered of which most live in the seas and oceans, while just 4 species reside in river water. The pink dolphin is a fresh water mammal that lives in the Amazon River system. They are found in most of the sea waters which have temperate conditions and where food is in plenty.
Where do spinner dolphins live in the ocean?

Spinner dolphins have four sub-species: the eastern spinner dolphin, the Central American spinner dolphin, Gray’s spinner dolphin, and the Dwarf spinner dolphin. Spinner dolphins live around the equator, and have been known to form strong bonds between mothers and calves. They communicate through whistles and clicks, and hunt with echolocation.

Where do spotted dolphins live in the ocean?

Atlantic spotted dolphins are found in warm temperate, subtropical, and tropical waters throughout the Atlantic Ocean. Their range includes the waters of the U.S.

Where do striped dolphins live in the ocean?
  • Striped dolphins are found in warmer tropical waters of both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and usually remain in deeper offshore waters. The smaller Atlantic Spotted Dolphin is found mostly off the Gulf of Mexico, the Bahamas, and the United States Atlantic coast.
Why cant ocean dolphins live where the pink dolphin live?

Pink dolphins Peru. The Pink dolphins in Peru live in the Amazon River basin. The best locations to spot them are Iquitos, the Pacaya-Samiria Reserve, and the Upper Amazon River. Pink dolphins in Colombia. The Colombian Amazon is the area you should head to meet with the pink dolphins. Leticia is one of the bigger settlements.

Are dolphins live in ocean?

Oceanic dolphins or Delphinidae are a widely distributed family of dolphins that live in the sea. Thirty extant species are described. They include several big species whose common names contain "whale" rather than "dolphin", such as the Globicephalinae (round-headed whales, such as the orca and the pilot whales).

What ocean do dolphins live?

Bottlenose Dolphin Habitat

Did you know the popular bottlenose dolphins we see locally reside throughout the Atlantic Ocean, from Norway to Nova Scotia, all the way to South Africa and Argentina?! The Atlantic Ocean bottlenose dolphin populations often coexist with pods of pilot whales and other species.

Do blue whale live in the ocean?

Before the whaling era it was estimated that 200,000 to 300,000 or more blue whales lived in the worlds major oceans.

Blue where does blue whale live?

in francis they don't live there

Where do atlantic spotted dolphins live in the ocean?

Where do Atlantic spotted dolphins live? Atlantic spotted dolphins are only found in the Atlantic Ocean where they prefer warm or very warm (tropical) offshore locations. They favour the waters along the continental shelf (the edge of a continent below the ocean’s surface) where the water is 20m to 250m deep but they are sometimes found in deeper oceanic waters.

Where do bottlenose dolphins live in the indian ocean?
  • Indian ocean bottlenose dolphins are found around India, northern Australia, South China, the Red Sea, and the eastern coast of Africa. They live in the warm temperate to tropical waters. These dolphins occur in shallow water near the shore at depths of less than 300 m.