Where can i find pacific white-sided dolphins?

Angie Fahey asked a question: Where can i find pacific white-sided dolphins?
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  • You'll find these dolphins along the entire California coast, a small part of their range from the Gulf of Alaska to the Gulf of California. In winter, they're more commonly found toward the southern end of their range. Find out more about Pacific white-sided dolphins online.


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🌴 Where are pacific white-sided dolphins found?

They have a black back with white side stripes, called “suspenders,” stretching from their forehead along their ribs to their anus, and light gray from forehead along the sides. They also have a white belly and a tall twotoned dorsal fin that is curved and resembles a hook. An average adult is seven and a half feet long and weighs 300 pounds. Habitat, Range and Local Sightings. Most reported sightings of these dolphins come from temperate, offshore waters in the north Pacific.

🌴 Where do pacific white-sided dolphins move?

  • In British Columbia, Pacific white-sided dolphins move inshore / offshore throughout the year. The largest congregation of this species was reported offshore and was estimated to be close to 6000 individuals traveling together. Photo-identification projects are being attempted, but few re-sights of the same animal have been reported.

🌴 Where do they kill pacific white sided dolphins?

I also saw what I think were only two adult Dall’s Porpoises repeatedly surfacing some 30 to 40 metres away from the interaction between the calf and the two Pacific White-Sided Dolphins. In years past, I have seen this species of dolphin kill a Harbour Porpoise and a Pacific Harbour Seal pup.

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What aquariums have pacific white-sided dolphins?

This is another Pacific white-sided dolphin at the Vancouver Aquarium. According to the photographer, it's one of the females. The scientific name of the Pacific white-sided dolphin is Lagenorhynchus obliquidens. Like other dolphins, porpoises, and whales, it belongs to the order Cetacea.

Why visit the pacific white-sided dolphins?
  • Pacific white-sided dolphins are impressively agile, expertly acrobatic and extremely social. True showmen and women, they love to bow and wake-ride, often approaching boats and wowing onlookers with their skills.
Where are white sided dolphins found in the pacific ocean?

Pacific White-Sided Dolphin: The Pacific white-sided dolphin, as the name indicates, inhabits the cool water in the North Pacific Ocean, including regions of Japan, North America, Alaska, and Baja Mexico. Pacific Bottlenose Dolphins: Bottlenose dolphins of the Pacific Ocean can be found from Japan to Australia and Southern Cali to Chile.

Where do white-sided dolphins live in the pacific ocean?
  • Pacific white-sided dolphin range. The Pacific white-sided dolphin (Lagenorhynchus obliquidens) is a very active dolphin found in the cool to temperate waters of the North Pacific Ocean.
How big do pacific white sided dolphins get?
  • Pacific white-sided dolphins are sometimes referred to as “lags” thanks to their scientific name (see above) which is quite a mouthful. This kind of dolphin is beautifully colored in shades of black, gray, and white. Pacific white-sided dolphins weigh 300 to 400 pounds and reach up to 8 feet in length, with males larger than females.
How deep do pacific white-sided dolphins dive?

It can dive down to at least 1,000 meters!

How do pacific white-sided dolphins protect themselves?

Protection. Until the United Nations banned certain types of fishing nets in 1993, many Pacific white-sided dolphins were killed in drift nets.One researcher estimated 50,000–89,000 individuals were killed in the 12 years to 1990. Some animals are still killed each year by Japanese hunting drives.

How long do pacific white sided dolphins live?

Pacific white-sided dolphins may breed and calve in the spring and summer. After a 10- to 12-month gestation period, a three foot calf is born. A female can reproduce as often as every two years, but most give birth once every three years. This species of dolphin may live to 45 years. Human Connections

How often do pacific white sided dolphins eat?
  • Staying underwater for more than 6 minutes at a time they use their small conical teeth to help them catch and grip their prey before swallowing it whole. Pacific white-sided dolphins often work together to herd schools of fish. Each adult can eat around 20 pounds of food every day.
How old do pacific white sided dolphins get?
  • Since they share the same range, they are most commonly seen with northern right-whale dolphins and are often seen accompanying other dolphins and large whales. Reproduction: Pacific White-sided Dolphin females have their first calf when they are 7-9 years old. The length of pregnancy (gestation period)...
How old do pacific white sided dolphins live?
  • From 1990 to 1991, a study conducted by Richard C. Ferrero and William A. Walker revealed the vast majority of Pacific white-sided dolphins that fell victim to the drift nets were between the ages of 8.3 to 11 when they sexually matured. The gestation period usually last for one year. Individuals are believed to live up 40 years or more.
What do pacific white-sided dolphins look like?

The Hourglass Dolphin This shy, elusive dolphin species share a similar black and white color pattern to killer whales, but they are a fraction of the size. They are rarely seen by humans as hourglass dolphins are one of the few dolphin species who favors the Antarctic area.

What is killing the pacific white-sided dolphins?
  • In recent decades, thousands of Pacific white-sided dolphins lost their lives as bycatch in drift and gill-nets before high-seas fisheries were banned in 1993. Unfortunately, bycatch is still a major problem, as is hunting.
Why are pacific white sided dolphins in captivity?
  • Captivity – Pacific white-sided dolphins one are of the species held in marine parks for human entertainment. Fishing gear – Pacific white-sided dolphins get accidentally caught in fishing nets and lines, injuring or even killing them. You can help save Pacific white-sided dolphins...
Where to find white sided dolphins in california?

Pacific white-sided dolphins are found in temperate waters of the North Pacific. They inhabit waters from the continental shelf to the deep open ocean. Pacific White-sided Dolphin Range Map

What biozone s would we most likely find pacific white-sided dolphins?

Based on your answer to the previous question, and Figure 12.25 on page 380 of your text, what biozone (s) would we most likely find Pacific white-sided dolphins? If you answered “benthic” to question 5, choose from the benthic biozones. If you chose “pelagic” for number 5, choose from the pelagic zones.

Are pacific white-sided dolphins pelagic or benthic organisms?

They would be considered nekton. 5. Are Pacific white-sided dolphins pelagic or benthic organisms? Pelagic. 6.Based on your answer to the previous question, and Figure 12.25 on page 380 of your text, what biozone (s) would we most likely find Pacific white-sided dolphins? Epipelagic.

Are pacific white-sided dolphins plankton nekton or benthos?

4. Are Pacific white-sided dolphins considered plankton, nekton, or benthos? They would be considered nekton.

Are there white sided dolphins in the pacific northwest?
  • Pacific white-sided dolphins are more common in California, but come summer they’re known to migrate up to the coasts of Oregon and Washington. They tend to stay farther offshore, but they’re extremely friendly when they do encounter humans or other cetaceans, approaching in large groups of up to 90 and “super groups” of up to 300.
Are there white sided dolphins in the pacific ocean?
  • White-sided dolphins come in two forms: the Atlantic white-sided and the Pacific white-sided. Somewhat similar in appearance, the Atlantic species is larger and more robust than its Pacific counterpart. Both species are avid bow-riders and acrobatic jumpers.