What's the spanish word for dolphin in spanish?

Erika Bradtke asked a question: What's the spanish word for dolphin in spanish?
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  • What's the Spanish word for dolphin? Here's how you say it. Spanish Translation. delfín. More Spanish words for dolphin. el delfín noun. dauphin. lampuga.


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🌴 What does the word dolphin mean in spanish?

What does delfín mean in Spanish? delfín. English Translation. dolphin. More meanings for delfín. dolphin noun. delfín. dauphin noun.

🌴 Whats faster than a dolphin?

Whales are also known to be capable of prodigious speeds… The Blue Whale has been recorded swimming at speeds up to 29.76 mph. Other animals may be even faster than the Blue Whale, Spotted Dolphin, the Swordfish, or even the Shortfin Mako.

🌴 What do the word dolphin mean?

Dictionary entry overview: What does dolphin mean? • DOLPHIN (noun) The noun DOLPHIN has 2 senses: 1. large slender food and game fish widely distributed in warm seas (especially around Hawaii) 2. any of various small toothed whales with a beaklike snout; larger than porpoises Familiarity information: DOLPHIN used as a noun is rare.

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What does the word dolphin mean in greek?
  • According to this explanation, the ancient Greek word for dolphin is related to the word delphys (delphus) meaning 'womb'. In fact, in ancient Greek, the word 'delphus' means both dolphin AND womb…
What is the etymology of the word dolphin?
  • In Early Irish, the word for dolphin is ‘muc mara’, and one of the words meaning ‘dolphin’ in Modern Welsh is ‘morwch’ (moruch). Both of these words translate into English as ‘sea pig’– a perfectly descriptive, though not very poetic, word for a dolphin.
What is the meaning of the word dolphin?
  • Definition of dolphin. 1a. : any of various small marine toothed whales (family Delphinidae ) with the snout more or less elongated into a beak and the neck vertebrae partially fused.
What word is the dolphin noise in spongebob?

When Squidward whispers to Mr. Krabs about what word SpongeBob said, he actually says, "Johnny Vandalism." The dolphin chirp sound is actually the sped-up call of a kookaburra originally used in the 1963 film Flipper, and is still available from the first volume of The Premiere Edition from The Hollywood Edge sound effects library released in 1990.

What's the hindi word for dolphin in hindi?
  • Your browser does not support audio. What's the Hindi word for dolphin? Here's a list of translations. Find more words! Video Player is loading. This is a modal window.
What's the latin word for dolphin in latin?
  • Your browser does not support audio. What's the Latin word for dolphin? Here's a list of translations. Find more words! Video Player is loading. This is a modal window.
Is the word dolphin an adjective or a noun?
  • The word dolphin is a noun.Some adjectives that describe the noun dolphins:wildaquaticintelligentgracefulacrobaticpowerfulcarnivorous What are some adjectives that describe dolphins?
What is the origin of the french word 'dolphin'?
  • The word signifies dolphin in French. (Dolphin), Fr. An ornamental handle on brass guns over the trunnions, so called from its resemblance to that fish. The title borne by the eldest son of the King of France until 1830, from the armorial device of a delphinus, or dolphin.
What is the word for a baby dolphin naruto?

Print the pdf: Dolphin Vocabulary Sheet. This activity is perfect for introducing students to some of the key terms associated with dolphins. Children should match each of the 10 words from the word bank with the appropriate definition, using a dictionary or the internet as needed. 02. of 09.

Where does the word dolphin come from in english?
  • History and Etymology for dolphin. Middle English delphyn, dolphyn, from Anglo-French delphin, alteration of Old French dalfin, from Medieval Latin dalfinus, alteration of Latin delphinus, from Greek delphin-, delphis; akin to Greek delphys womb, Sanskrit garbha.
What is a two-word scientific name for a dolphin?

Scientific Names. The common name “dolphin” comes from the Greek delphis, meaning “womb.” Even these ancient observers realized dolphins’ classification as mammals, or animals with a womb. Oceanic species, along with their scientific names, are as follows:

How do you say spinner dolphin in spanish?

Why are they called spinner dolphins?

  • Spinner dolphins are probably the most frequently encountered cetacean in nearshore waters of the Pacific Islands Region. Spinner dolphins received their common name because they are often seen leaping and spinning out of the water. The species' name, longirostris, is Latin for “long beak,” referring to their slender shaped beak or rostrum.
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What is another word for a dolphins? Asked by Wiki User. See Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered 2012-04-13 00:58:35. blue sea animal. 0 0 1.

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