What kind of food does baird's beaked whale eat?

Patrick Walter asked a question: What kind of food does baird's beaked whale eat?
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  • Talented divers, Baird's beaked whales can comfortably dive to depths of 800 to 1,200 meters deep. This helps them maintain their diet, which consists largely of squid and pelagic and deep-sea fish. Where do Baird's beaked whales live?


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🌴 What kind of food does a beaked whale eat?

  • Beaked whales are a globally distributed family of toothed whales (Ziphiidae or ziphiids), with species found in every ocean. They primarily feed on deep-water squid and fish and are deep divers that are found in deep-sea areas off the continental shelves or on their slopes.

🌴 What kind of food does cuvier's beaked whale eat?

  • Cuvier's beaked whales are carnivores (molluscivores). Their diet primarily consists of squid, supplemented with fish and occasional crustaceans. Presently, quite a little is known about the reproductive behavior of these whales, since the animals are rarely seen at sea.

🌴 What kind of food does stejneger's beaked whale eat?

  • Stejneger's beaked whales usually make five to six shallow dives followed by a longer dive that lasts ten to 15 minutes and may reach depths of 4,920 feet. While diving, they use suction to feed on small deep-water fish, tunicates, and cephalopods (e.g., squid).

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The variety of foods these marine animals consume can vary greatly from one species to the next. Various species of toothed whale are known to eat everything from numerous species of fish, squid, octopus and crustaceans to marine animals such as sharks, penguins, seals and sea lions, as well as other cetaceans such as whales, dolphins and porpoises (primarily hunted by killer whales).

For Baird's beaked whales off the Pacific coast of Japan (35°N), 81.8% of the food in number of individuals eaten was benthopelagic fish (Moridae and Macrouridae comprised 81.3%) and 18.0% various cephalopods (Gonatidae and Cranchiidae comprised 11.7%), but among individuals in the southern Okhotsk Sea (44–45°N) fish made up only 12.9% (Moridae and Macrouridae comprised 9.2%) and most of their food was cephalopods (87.1%) (Gonatidae and Cranchiidae comprised 86.7%) (Walker et al., 2002).

We delight in a range of flavours, even craving sweet, sour or salty food. Animals, however, do not necessarily need to have this quality of enjoyment. Still, taste may help them to avoid food that has become rotten, for example. Whales and other cetaceans do not enjoy a very strong sense of taste.

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What kind of body does stejneger's beaked whale have?
  • Stejneger's beaked whales have a relatively medium-sized, round body with a small, wide-based, slightly hooked dorsal fin located about two-thirds down their back. They have a low-sloping, indistinct forehead (known as a melon). Their coloration varies from dark gray to brownish and black.
What kind of dives does a beaked whale do?
  • Beaked whales are deep divers with extreme dive profiles. They regularly dive deeper than 500 m (1,600 ft) to echolocate for food, and these deep dives are often followed by multiple shallower dives less than 500 m.
What kind of fin does a beaked whale have?

Their upperparts are dark brown, with a lighter mottled underside of unevenly spread white patches. They have a small dorsal fin located two thirds down the body, a blowhole that is crescent shaped, and a forehead with a melon-like shape, from where its slender beak projects.

What kind of head does baird's beaked whale have?
  • Baird's beaked whales have a large, slender, long, robust body with a relatively small, rounded, triangular dorsal fin that is located about two-thirds of the way down their back. They also have a curved head with a bulbous forehead (known as a melon); a distinct, long cylindrical beak; a curved mouth line; and a crescent-shaped blowhole.
What kind of jaw does a beaked whale have?
  • With its steeply arched jaw, Blainville’s beaked whale is both striking and easily recognisable. Known for its unmistakable arch, Blainville’s beaked whale’s lower jaw curves sharply upwards. Especially striking, the male’s arch is topped with prominent tusks that point upwards past the upper jaw.
What kind of jaw does blainville's beaked whale have?

Male. Female. Blainville’s beaked whale (Mesoplodon densirostris), or the dense-beaked whale, is the widest ranging mesoplodont whale and perhaps the most documented. The French zoologist Henri de Blainville first described the species in 1817 from a small piece of jaw — the heaviest bone he had ever come across — which resulted in the name densirostris (Latin for “dense beak”).

What kind of prey does blainville's beaked whale eat?
  • This species feeds primarily on squid and small fish and cephalopods. Blainville's beaked whales do not capture prey by biting. They use suction feeding to capture prey. They create low pressure in the mouth by retracting tongue, and using throat grooves to expand throat volume.
What kind of skin does a beaked whale have?
  • The skin may appear wrinkled on the dorsal area and is covered with linear and oval-shaped scars and other markings. Individuals, especially mature males, accumulate scars and scratches with age. Diatom (microscopic planktonic algae) infestation may discolor areas of the skin.
What kind of teeth does a beaked whale have?
  • Beaked whales have V-shaped throat groves, which are used for suction feeding. Being a family of toothed whales, all beaked whale species have teeth. However, they only erupt in mature males and are called tusks (except in one single species, which has a complete set of functional teeth in both sexes).
What kind of teeth does baird's beaked whale have?

Are generally smaller than baleen whales, although there are some exceptions (e.g., the sperm whale and Baird’s beaked whale). Are active predators and have teeth that they use to catch their prey and swallow it whole.

What kind of whale is a beaked whale?
  • Sowerby's beaked whale (Mesoplodon bidens), also known as the North Atlantic or North Sea beaked whale, is a species of toothed whale. It was the first mesoplodont whale to be described.
What kind of whale is blainville's beaked whale?

Blainvilles Beaked Whale . Back; Cuviers Beaked Whale. Back; Dwarf Sperm Whale; False Killer Whale. Back; Ginkgo Toothed Beaked Whale . Back; Grays Beaked Whale; Hectors Beaked Whale. Back; Hubbs Beaked Whale. Back; Long-Finned Pilot Whale; Pygmy Killer Whale. Back; Northern Bottlenose Whale . Back; Pygmy Beaked Whale; Pygmy Sperm Whale. Back; Beluga Whale. Back; Sperm Whale; Stejnegers Beaked Whale. Back

What kind of whale is gervais beaked whale?
  • Gervais' beaked whale. Gervais' beaked whale (Mesoplodon europaeus), sometimes known as the Antillian beaked whale, Gulf Stream beaked whale, or European beaked whale (from which its scientific name is derived) is the most frequently stranding type of mesoplodont whale off the coast of North America.
What kind of whale is gervais's beaked whale?
  • Gervais' beaked whale (Mesoplodon europaeus), sometimes known as the Antillian beaked whale, Gulf Stream beaked whale, or European beaked whale (from which its scientific name is derived) is the most frequently stranding type of mesoplodont whale off the coast of North America. It has also stranded off South America and Africa. Contents.
What kind of whale is perrin's beaked whale?
  • Most of the data that has been collected on Perrin’s beaked whale comes from observations of beached whales. The cetacean family is composed of all species of whale, dolphin and porpoise and divided into the baleen whale and toothed whale suborder.
What kind of whale is stejneger's beaked whale?
  • Stejneger's beaked whale ( Mesoplodon stejnegeri ), also known as the Bering Sea beaked whale or the saber-toothed whale, is a relatively unknown member of the genus Mesoplodon inhabiting the northern North Pacific Ocean.
What kind of whale is true's beaked whale?
  • True's beaked whale (Mesoplodon mirus) is a medium-sized whale in the mesoplodont genus.
What kind of food does white beaked dolphin eat?
  • White-beaked dolphins hunt for food both near the water’s surface and along the ocean bottom. Some fishermen in Canada call these dolphins “squidhounds” because they eat squid and octopi. White-beaked dolphins, like all marine mammals, are protected under the Marine Mammal Protection Act.
Where does a beaked whale get its food from?
  • The throats of all beaked whales have a bilaterally paired set of grooves that are associated with their unique feeding mechanism, suction feeding. Instead of capturing prey with their teeth, beaked whales suck it into their oral cavity.
What kind of beak does a baird's beaked whale have?
  • Unlike their bodies, which are brownish-grey, these melons turn a whitish hue as they age. Like all beaked whales, Baird's beaked whales have grooves under their throats which help them when they are feeding. A useful identifying feature, Baird's beaked whales have long beaks with a distinct underbite.
What kind of beak does an andrews beaked whale have?

Underwater video of True’s beaked whales recorded off the Azores by R Edler within the Master Mint program They have been seen in small groups, and are believed to be squid eaters. The most complete description of recorded live sightings and strandings, as well as the first underwater footage, was published in a 2017 article [5] in the open access journal PeerJ .