What kind of body does a tucuxi have?

Esther Kessler asked a question: What kind of body does a tucuxi have?
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  • The Tucuxi has a small, but robust body that is colored bluish- grey to the upper part and lighter underneath. Sometimes they can be a pinkish-grey particularly on their sides and under parts. The dorsal fin is a slightly rounded, triangular, curved shape, set roughly half way down its back.


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🌴 What kind of behavior does a tucuxi dolphin have?

  • Tucuxis are quite active and may jump clear of the water (a behavior known as breaching), somersault, spy-hop or tail-splash. They are unlikely, however, to approach boats. Tucuxis have been observed to feed with other river dolphins. They feed on a wide variety of fish.

🌴 What kind of flippers does a tucuxi whale have?

Smaller than Guiana dolphins, they only grow to a dainty 1.5 metres long and weigh around 50kg. Whilst their bodies are coloured in muted tones of blues and greys, their bellies are much lighter in shades of ivory, grey or pink. Stood proudly on their backs, tucuxi have low, triangular dorsal fins. To their sides, they bear broad flippers ...

🌴 What kind of social structure does a tucuxi have?

  • The tucuxi exists in small groups of about 10-15 individuals, and swim in tight-knit groups, suggesting a highly developed social structure. Tucuxis are quite active and may jump clear of the water (a behavior known as breaching), somersault, spy-hop or tail-splash.

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  • They have elongated, streamlined bodies with one dorsal fin on their backs, two pectoral fins underneath, and a tail, or caudal, fin. Sizes range from about 5 ft. long to over 30 ft., depending on the species.
What kind of body does a fangtooth have?
  • Fangtooth (Anoplogaster cornuta) It has a short, deep body and with a large head and mouth. The head contains numerous mucous cavities separated by serrated ridges. These cavities are covered over with thin skin. The body of this fish is covered with small, prickly scales, and its color varies from black to dark brown.
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  • Genets are slender cat-like animals with a long body, a long ringed tail, large ears, a pointed muzzle and partly retractile claws. Their fur is spotted, but melanistic genets have also been recorded. They have musk glands and anal sacs. They also have perineal glands.
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  • A jellyfish gets defined as an animal that lives in the sea and has a jelly like a body which becomes saucer shaped and has stinging tentacles around the edges. An animal that lives in the sea and has eight arms used as sucker-bearing, has a soft body, strong jaws and lack of an inner shell.
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  • Mealybugs generally have an oval body outline. Many of them produce marginal filaments of wax that may be wedge-shaped or spinelike, but others lack marginal filaments entirely. As immatures, male and female mealybugs look alike, but as adults they are quite different.
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  • Mink have a long, thin body and neck, short legs, and a 6-8 inch bushy tail. Male mink generally are larger than females and may exceed two feet in length. The fur is dark brown on the back, blending into a slightly lighter shade on the belly.
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  • Narwhals have a blotchy sausage-shaped body, a rounded head with no beak, a ridge on their backs rather than a fin and short blunt flippers with upcurled edges. They have odd-shaped tail flukes that look as though they have been put on backwards. What’s life like for a narwhal?
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Porpoises are members of the scientific order Cetacea and are related to dolphins, but the two animals are different species. They both have sleek bodies and large flippers. Both are considered...

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  • Appearance: The Atlantic and Horned Puffin have black bodies with white bellies. The tufted puffin has an entirely black body. All three have white faces with colourful (red, yellow, and orange) beaks.
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  • A sloth's body consists of a short neck with four long limbs of equal length, ending in two 3 to 4 inch (8 to 10 centimeter) long curved claws. The head is short and flat, with a snub nose, rudimentary ears, and large eyes.
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  • Vaquita have the typical robust body shape of a porpoise with the middle of the body measuring about 68% of the body length. They have little or no beak with a slight protrusion of the upper jaw at the base of the melon.
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  • This whale has a normal mesoplodont body, except that it is rotund in the middle and tapering towards the ends. The two distinctive teeth on the males are small and set on the very end of the beak (however additional teeth have been recorded ).
What kind of body covering does a dolphin have?
  • Dolphins have a body covering of skin (not scales). The uppermost layer of the skin produces an oil which forms a film that covers the dolphin's whole body. What body covering does dolphin have?
What kind of body does a baiji dolphin have?

The Body of Baiji Dolphin is designed the same as the other dolphins. They have an upward-facing snout and a beak at the end of the snout. They have rounded flippers and compared to other dolphins, the eyes are located high up on the head. The color of Baiji Dolphin was greyish blue with white or cream color underbelly. They have teeth on both the jaws which range from 30-36. One thing that ...

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  • They have long streamlined bodies and a long thin beak, which becomes white as the whale ages. When the male beaked whales become fully matured a pair of triangular shaped teeth can be seen exposed from the lower jaw.
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  • They are small, robust and have an almost square body profile. However, despite their small size and broad chest, they move elegantly. The head is the most striking feature of the Belgian Griffon. In all three breeds, their heads are large, wide and round. Their snouts are very short with a black nose.
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  • They are thick little animals, with girthy bodies and rounded heads. Compared to their plump bodies, these dolphins have relatively small dorsal and pectoral fins. Despite having the name “black dolphin,” these creatures are actually gray, with white undersides and under-flippers. These little dolphins truly are unique creatures.
What kind of body does a blue whale have?
  • What do blue whales look like? The gentle giant of the sea, the blue whale is instantly recognisable with a long, streamlined shape, mottled blue or grey back and pale underbelly. They each have huge heads that are broad, long and have a unique U-shaped arch, and can reach up to a quarter of their body lengths in size.