What is the largest dolphin species?

Myrtle Ratke asked a question: What is the largest dolphin species?
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  • The smallest of the dolphin species, Maui's Dolphin, is around 4 feet (1.2m) long and weighs around 90 lbs (40 kg). The largest dolphin species is the orca, or killer whale. Male orcas grow to about 25 feet in length and weigh about 19,000 pounds.
  • The largest dolphin species is the Orca, which is commonly known as the Killer Whale. These dolphins can be over 31 feet long when fully grown, a size which has provided them with the colloquial name of whales although they are dolphins. There are all types of dolphins, some live in shallow waters near the coasts,...
  • Contain four species.
  • Found in the major rivers and tributaries of South America and Asia.
  • One species,the Franciscana,prefer estuaries and coastal waters.
  • The baiji or Yangtze River dolphin,once found in China,is sadly now believed to be extinct.
  • Some ocean dolphins also have populations that live in rivers,such as the Irrawaddy dolphin.

What is the biggest/smallest dolphin?

  • The largest dolphin, the orca, can grow to be over 30 feet long. The smallest, the Maui , is just five feet long. The smallest, the Maui dolphin, is just five feet long.
  • Orca is the largest dolphin species. Dolphins are toothed whales. All dolphins are whales, but not all whales are dolphins. Most of the dolphins live in shallow areas of tropical and temperate oceans throughout the world.


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🌴 What are the largest species of dolphin?

Largest of All Dolphins Orcas, or killer whales, are the largest of all oceanic dolphin species. Orcas exhibit startling intelligence, culture and family-based social structures. Studies indicate that there are at least 10 different orca eco-types with different diets, dialects, geographical range and social structure.

🌴 What is the largest species of dolphin?


The orca, or killer whale, for example, is actually the largest member of the dolphin family.

🌴 Which is the largest species of dolphin?

The biggest member of the dolphin family is the orca (killer whale). The larger males grow up to 9.8m (32ft 2in) and weigh up to 10,000kg (22,046lbs).

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The biggest species of dolphin is the orca or killer whale. males typically reach sizes between six and eight metres. What is the biggest dolphin? The biggest dolphin is the Killer Whale (Orcinus...

Ocean dolphin facts. 38 species currently; Inhabit all the world's oceans and seas; Includes the largest dolphin (orca) and some of the smallest (New Zealand dolphin, Franciscana)

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What is the largest dolphin?

The killer whale is the largest dolphin in the world, and can grow up to 32 feet (10 m) long. Has a dolphin ever eaten a human? No, dolphins do not eat people… Although the killer whale is called a “killer whale” it actually belongs to the dolphin family.

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  • Each penguin species has unique characteristics that enable it to adapt to its home environment. The emperor penguin is the largest species of penguin in the world, averaging 45 inches tall. They live exclusively on the Antarctic ice and its surrounding waters.
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What is the fastest dolphin species?


The orca, or killer whale, is the largest of all dolphin species and shares the distinction of fastest dolphin. He may dwarf the Dall's porpoise in size, but he keeps pace with his tiny counterpart, swimming at burst speeds of 34.5 miles per hour. What is the rarest dolphin species?
  • Māui's dolphin or popoto (Cephalorhynchus hectori maui) is the world's rarest and smallest known subspecies of dolphin.
What is the smallest dolphin species?

Hector's dolphins are the smallest and rarest marine dolphins in the world. They have distinct black facial markings, short stocky bodies and a dorsal fin shaped like a Mickey Mouse ear.

What is the smartest dolphin species?

bottle nose dolphins

What is the strongest dolphin species?

The most powerful of the dolphin family is the Killer Whale. They are very large sized and have incredible strength. They can consume large volumes of food daily including seals. They can weigh as much as 5,000 pounds and be up to 25 feet long.

What kind of species is dolphin?

Too often, dolphins are lumped into one category but that isn’t how they should be looked at. There are different species out there, 42 of them, and they all have significantly different factors that make them unique. The majority of them are marine dolphins which live in saltwater. 32 of the species fall into that category.

What species is a bottlenose dolphin?

There are two species; the common bottlenose, or Atlantic bottlenose dolphin ( Tursiops ...

What species is a common dolphin?

Globally, common dolphins are designated as Least Concern on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species 20, but the Mediterranean subpopulation is listed as Endangered 15, and the Black Sea subspecies is listed as Vulnerable 17. These latter two are listed on Appendix II of the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS). Return to Top ↑

What species is a spinner dolphin?

The spinner dolphin (Stenella longirostris) is a small dolphin found in off-shore tropical waters around the world....

Spinner dolphin
Species:S. longirostris
What species of dolphin has hair?

Amazon River dolphins (botos) keep these hairs into adulthood - they are sensory hairs and thought to help them search for prey on the river bed along with echolocation. The water they live in is very murky so eyesight has only limited use.

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What is the second largest dolphin?

A review of all available data indicates that based on what is currently known, the Zhanjiang Chinese white dolphin population is the second largest of the species and genus in the world.

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The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age is a 2004 console role-playing game by EA Games for all three of the late sixth-generation game consoles. The player controls a core group of characters that are used during the adventure, leveling up according to experience gained from battles and quests.

What is the largest dolphin in the dolphin family?

The orca, or killer whale, for example, is actually the largest member of the dolphin family.

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