What is spinner dolphin in hawaiian?

Martine Johnson asked a question: What is spinner dolphin in hawaiian?
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  • Spinner dolphins inhabit tropical waters around the globe and are a member of the toothed whale family. These slim, agile, gray and white dolphins are most famous for leaping high out of the ocean and spinning in circles through the air. The Hawaiian spinner dolphins are a subspecies found throughout this Northern Pacific island chain.

With 18 species of toothed dolphins (nai'a) swimming in the tepid waters of Hawaii, the most common are the Hawaiian spinner, spotted (kiko), bottlenose and rough-toothed dolphins.

Scientific Name: Stenella
Stenella is a genus of marine mammals in Delphinidae, the family informally known as the oceanic dolphins. Currently, five species are recognised in this genus: Pantropical spotted dolphin, S. attenuata.
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longirostris. Hawaiian Name: “Nai'a


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🌴 How big is a full grown hawaiian spinner dolphin?

SHORT-SNOUTED SPINNER Little is known about the short-snouted Atlantic spinner. It ranges from the Gulf of Mexico to the Caribbean, and from the mid-Atlantic to the northwest coast of Africa. Its length is 7 feet (2 m), and its weight is 200 pounds (90 kg).

🌴 How do hawaiian spinner dolphins sleep?

  • Knowledge about the sleep cycles of Hawaiian spinner dolphins is one of the most important aspects of keeping them protected. Unlike us humans who "turn off" our brains whenever we go to sleep, spinner dolphins remain in an "alpha state" where a portion of their brain is always switched on so that they remember to come up to breathe.

🌴 How big do hawaiian spinner dolphins get?

  • When compared to larger species such as bottlenose dolphins (which can grow up to over 12 feet in length), Hawaiian spinner dolphins appear pretty small. A fully- grown Hawaiian spinner dolphin is only 5-6 feet long, and when the babies are born and swimming alongside their mothers they measure a mere 2.5 feet!

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Spinner dolphins are reliant on group dynamics in Hawai‘i's nearshore habitats to support resting and recuperation, socializing, and nurturing their young.

Mano is always translated as “shark,” even though one type of shark that, by Hawaiian tradition. rested its head on the bow of a canoe and was fed and loved by fishermen, was called mano ihu wa’a, which means “Mano with a beak like the prow of a canoe.” If my theory is valid, then there are many dolphin stories in Polynesian legends.

Maui Fauna of the Month: Hawaiian Spinner Dolphin Those flippers have taken them far.. Hawaiian spinner dolphins operate much like insomniacs who forage the fridge in the... When playing subsides, these schools nestle together to rest.. And literally so: The school tightens up and orchestrates..…

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How to pronounce dolphin in hawaiian?

In Hawaiian, every letter is pronounced separately. The only exception to this rule are the use of okina (`) and kahakou (line over the vowel). okina causes a glottal stop between vowels, while kahakou causes a vowel to have an elongated sound.

How to say dolphin in hawaiian?


Dolphin , the mammal: naiʻa. The “nai” is pronounced to mostly rhyme with tie or my, although the vowel sound rolls around a little more to end like ee as opposed to the short i in bit; also nai is the emphasized syllable. The ʻokina character (ʻ) is a glottal stop (a sudden but temporary stoppage of sound). How to spell dolphin in hawaiian?

Authorities in Hawaii are proposing / proposal a ban on the popular tourist activity of swimming with dolphins off / on the Hawaiian coast. The dolphins have served as a magenta / magnet for tourists over the past few decades.

What kind of dolphin is a spinner dolphin?
  • These relatively small dolphins are quite social and often school with other dolphin species, including the rough-toothed dolphin, short-finned pilot whale, and spinner dolphin.
What is a spinner dolphin called?
  • The spinner starts to spin in the water just before emerging head first and leaping up to 3m into the air, spinning continuously before falling back into the sea. Spinner dolphins are very popular with dolphin watchers as their acrobatic behaviour is spectacular. Other names: Spinner; long-beaked dolphin; long-snouted dolphin.
What size is a spinner dolphin?

Among Gray’s spinner dolphins (the subspecies that includes Hawaiian spinner dolphins), adult females are 4.6 to 6.7 feet long and adult males are 5.2 to 6.8 feet long. They reach weights of at least 181 pounds. There is a great deal of color variation in spinner dolphins across the globe, depending on the region and subspecies of dolphin.

What species is a spinner dolphin?

The spinner dolphin (Stenella longirostris) is a small dolphin found in off-shore tropical waters around the world....

Spinner dolphin
Species:S. longirostris
What does the dolphin mean in hawaiian culture?
  • In Hawaiian Culture. In Hawaiian traditions, different spirit animals play an important role as the spirit guide of each individual. The dolphin, known as Nai’a in the Hawaiian lore, represents the energy of unconditional love because of its equal love for both the same and the opposite sexes.
What is the hawaiian name for dolphin meat?
  • What is dolphin meat called? Mahi is a popular entrée on many restaurant menus. However, it's also widely known as dolphin. That's dolphin fish, not Flipper the mammal. Mahi-mahi is the Hawaiian name for this fish, and the Spanish name is dorado. What does Dorado taste like?
How do you say dolphin in hawaiian?

The Polynesians never had a written language until the Missionaries arrived and found they needed a Hawaiian Bible, so they quickly developed a twelve letter alphabet. It includes five vowels and seven consonants which are pronounced just as they are in English except for the W, which is often pronounced as a V. Hawaiian Pidgin or Slang is another common way of communicating in everyday conversation amongst locals.

What kind of dolphin is found in hawaiian waters?
  • “Nai’a” is the Hawaiian name for dolphins. It refers to any species of dolphins found in the Hawaiian waters, which can mean one of the following four: [1] The pacific bottlenose dolphin. [2] The rough-toothed dolphin.
Are spinner dolphin a mammal?

Mating also occurs in groups, with several males and several females mating simultaneously. Females only reproduce every three years or so. As the spinner dolphin is a wide-ranging, open ocean species, its conservation status is not well known. It is, however, at the center of a major conservation controversy.

Do spinner dolphin have teeth?

What does a spinner dolphin look like?

  • Spinner dolphins are about 6.5 feet long with a long, thin snout. They have white bellies and dark gray backs. Spinner dolphins live in warm ocean waters around the world. There are different populations, including one near Thailand, along the Pacific Ocean coast of Central America, and around the Hawaiian Islands.
How the spinner dolphin moves?

Enter the amazing world of the spinner dolphins and learn how they use spinning as a form of communication. See dolphins practice defensive scrimmages and di...

Is a spinner dolphin endangered?

Spinner Dolphins are endangered because humans are crowding the shallow resting bays of Hawaii, causing the dolphins to loose their natural resting habitat. Humans are overusing and crowding the dolphin's shallow resting bays, as well as feeding and harassing them.

What are adaptations of a spinner dolphin?

Adaptations of the Spinner dolphin include: Spinner dolphins have darker colouring on top and are lighter underneath. This provides effective camouflage from predators both above and below. Spinner...

What is a spinner dolphin classified as?
  • Classification: Mammal. Description. Spinner dolphins are the acrobats of the ocean. They love to jump, flip, and twist above the surface of the water. Spinner dolphins earned their name because of their ability to spin multiple times in one jump.
What is the lifespan of spinner dolphin?

The lifespan of a spinner dolphin is about 20 years while some of the spinner dolphins live for 25 years. The lifespan of spinner dolphins varies because of their surroundings and other environmental factors.

What sound does a spinner dolphin make?

Bottlenose dolphins produce whistles and sounds that resemble moans, trills, grunts, squeaks, and creaking doors. They make these sounds at any time and at considerable depths. Sounds vary in volume, wavelength, frequency, and pattern. Your browser does not support the audio element.

What are the characteristics of a spinner dolphin?
  • They are slender, with thin, recurved flippers, and dorsal fins that usually range from slightly curved to erect and triangular. Among Gray’s spinner dolphins (the subspecies that includes Hawaiian spinner dolphins), adult females are 4.6 to 6.7 feet long and adult males are 5.2 to 6.8 feet long.
What are the predators of the spinner dolphin?
  • Pygmy killer whales, false killer whales, and short-finned pilot whales are also possible predators 8. Next to pantropical spotted dolphins, spinner dolphins are the species most severely impacted by bycatch in tuna purse seine fisheries in the Eastern Tropical Pacific (ETP).
What are the threats to the spinner dolphin?
  • Tuna fishing is one of the biggest threats to spinner dolphins. As the dolphins swim with tuna, they get trapped in fishing nets. Many tuna companies now use dolphin-safe fishing methods that release dolphins if they get caught in nets. Dolphins communicate with one another through echolocation.
What does the spinner dolphin eat in hawaii?
  • Ecology. Spinner dolphins of Hawaii are nocturnal feeders and forage in deep scattering layers, which contain many species. The dwarf spinner dolphin may feed mostly on benthic fish in reefs and shallow water. Off Oahu, Hawaii, spinner dolphins forage at night and cooperatively herd their prey into highly dense patches.
What family do the spinner dolphin belong to?

Classification: Kingdom: Animalia, Class: Mammalia, Family: Delphinidae Lifespan: 20 to 25 years Diet: Fish and squid; locate prey using echolocation Fun Fact: Spinner dolphins gather in pods that can number into the

What is the habitat of the spinner dolphin?

The spinner dolphin lives in nearly all tropical and subtropical waters between 40°N and 40°S. The species primarily inhabits coastal waters, islands, or banks. However, in the eastern tropical Pacific, spinner dolphins live far from shore. Spinner dolphins may use different habitats depending on the season.