What happens if the dolphins go extinct?

Augusta Von asked a question: What happens if the dolphins go extinct?
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  • What would happen if Dolphins went extinct? River dolphins are considered a keystone species. The damage done to the Amazon and Ganges if they go extinct would be catastrophic . Ocean ecosystems would face considerable damage. All dolphins going extinct would require something to fill in their niche very quickly.


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🌴 What happens if dolphins go extinct in the ocean?

  • Not only would their species become extinct, it would also create an imbalance in the oceans ecosystem and food chain. By reducing the number of dolphins in the ocean other species that the dolphins consume would begin to grow at a fast rate.

🌴 What dolphins are extinct?

  • Hector’s Dolphin (Cephalorhynchus hectori) The Hector’s dolphins are listed as one of the endangered dolphins in the world. They are considered to be small and rare species of dolphins.
  • Chilean Dolphin (Cephalorhynchus eutropia) Formerly known as the black dolphin, the Chilean dolphin live in the waters of Chile…
  • Chinese White Dolphin (Sousa chinensis) The Chinese White dolphins mostly live in the waters of Southeast Asia. They are famous for their pink whitish colour.
  • La Plata Dolphin (Pontoporia blainvillei) The La Plata dolphin takes the title as the world’s smallest dolphins in the world…
  • Ganges River Dolphin (Platanista gangetica) Most of the Ganges River dolphins live in the waters of the Brahmaputra Rivers…
  • Indus River Dolphin (Platanista gangetica minor) The Indus River dolphins can only be found in Pakistan…
  • Australian Snubfin Dolphin (Orcaella heinsohni) The Australian Snubfin dolphins populate the northern waters of Australia…
  • Atlantic Humpback Dolphin (Sousa teuszii) The tropical waters is the place where the Atlantic Humpback dolphins thrive…
  • Irrawaddy Dolphin (Orcaella brevirostris) Most population of the Irrawaddy dolphins are found in the waters of Southeast Asia as well as the rivers of Bay of Bengal.

🌴 What happens if fish go extinct?

What happens if fish go extinct? It would lead to major repercussions, affecting marine life as well as all forms of life including humans. Fish extinction would cause changes in the weather, disruption of aquatic ecosystems, poverty, hunger, economic losses, and overall chaos.

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dolphins if they went extinct it would be caused by *pollution (heavy metals, sewage, PCB, rain water drains, plastic, co2 emissions) *overfish (80% of all fishery's are over fished and kill many...

The Yangtze river dolphin was a remarkable mammal that separated from all other species over 20m years ago. This extinction represents the disappearance of a complete branch of the evolutionary ...

There is a whole food chain affect if the dolphins were to become extinct Since one of the favorite foods of dolphins is squid, there would be an overpopulation of squid With lots of squid they will want to eat more shrimp, the less shrimp out in the ocean, than whales the oceans biggest creature will be left without food.

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What types of dolphins are extinct?

The endangered river dolphins are Amazon River dolphins, Ganges River dolphins, Chinese White dolphins, Indus River dolphins, and La Plata River dolphins. When will dolphins get extinct?

What year will dolphins go extinct?

Dolphins Could Go Extinct and Climate Change is to Blame, Finds Study Researchers found that the dolphins’ survival rate had fallen by 12 per cent following the heatwave of 2011. PTI

Are amazon water dolphins extinct?

The Amazon River covers a massive area, and it is increasingly difficult to regulate and enforce the laws. One river dolphin, the baiji, has already gone extinct in our lifetime due to many of the same pressures. We cannot afford to lose another species of river dolphin. Photo by Cindy Sekula Griffiths

Are baiji dolphins extinct 2020?

The baiji or Chinese river dolphin, and beautiful Goddess of the Yangtze lived for 20 million years in the Yangtze River, China… There have been no verified sightings since and so the only conclusion we can come to is that the baiji is gone forever - extinct - and humankind is entirely to blame.

Are baiji river dolphins extinct?

The Yangtze River dolphin is no more – the first cetacean to disappear as a result of human activity. After a fruitless search lasting six weeks, scientists failed to find a single Yangtze river...

Are chinese white dolphins extinct?

For Hong Kong’s Chinese white dolphins, extinction is the ‘most likely outcome’ if nothing is done to save population I have been waiting for weeks to get out on the water, but black rainstorms and...

Are pink dolphins becoming extinct?

The Yangtze river dolphin, until recently one of the most endangered species on the planet, has been declared officially extinct following an intensive survey of its natural habitat.

Are pink dolphins going extinct?

Extinction fears for pink dolphin Tom Phillips in Manaus Fri 15 Jun 2007 19.03 EDT Fears for the future of the Amazonian pink river dolphin are rising after a surge in their indiscriminate killing...

Are pink river dolphins extinct?
  • Pink dolphins are the last of the five other river dolphin species, as the others are almost practically extinct. As recorded by Brazilian scientists, their numbers have declined greatly since 2000. Researchers believe that these species are declining at the rate of 10% every year.
Are there any extinct dolphins?

Baiji dolphin

The last documented sighting of the Baiji dolphin was in 2002… Currently considered “critically endangered,” the Baiji dolphin will soon be considered “extinct,” making the species the first dolphin species to be driven to extinction by humans.

When will dolphins be extinct?

Wellington - The world's smallest and rarest dolphin has seen its population fall by half to about 55 in the last seven years and is at risk of extinction, a survey released this week showed.

Why are dolphins becoming extinct?

In addition to the reasons previously stated, dolphins are becoming endangered due to other factors such as noise pollution. With an increase of activities including more frequent passing of ship engines and the use of navigational sonars and oil drilling, these sounds are disorienting, frightening and even injuring the animals.

What will happen if dolphins become extinct?

Without dolphins, the animals they prey on would increase in number, and their predators wouldn't have as much to eat. This would disrupt the natural balance in the food chain and could negatively affect other wildlife and the health of the ocean environment.

What would happen if dolphins went extinct?

Similarly, what would happen if Dolphins went extinct? River dolphins are considered a keystone species. The damage done to the Amazon and Ganges if they go extinct would be catastrophic. Ocean ecosystems would face considerable damage.

Are pink river dolphins going extinct?
  • Amazon river dolphin risks extinction if Brazil moratorium not renewed The Amazon river dolphin (also known as the pink river dolphin, or boto) is the largest of the world’s freshwater dolphins. It lives in the Amazon and Orinoco river systems.
How did baiji dolphins become extinct?

When did the baiji dolphin become extinct? The baiji dolphin was a freshwater dolphin and the first to be driven to extinction by humans. This species is thought to have gone extinct in 2006.

How did river dolphins become extinct?

“The link between the construction of the irrigation barges and depletion of river flow matched very well with the timing and the geographic pattern of dolphin disappearance and was even linked with the speed of disappearance,” said Gill Braulik, a marine mammal specialist with the Wildlife Conservation Society in Tanzania and lead author of the study, which was published Wednesday in the journal PLOS ONE.

Why are burrunan dolphins going extinct?
  • The Burrunan populations also showed a lack of genetic diversity in comparison to other dolphin populations world-wide. A lack of genetic diversity may leave populations less able to adapt to environmental change and places them at a higher risk of extinction.
Why are yangtze river dolphins extinct?
  • Dolphin Species Goes Extinct Due to Humans. The Yangtze River dolphin (Lipotes vexillifer), or baiji, are a type of freshwater dolphin thought to be the first dolphin species driven to extinction due to the impact of humans.
Why do bottlenose dolphins become extinct?
  • The bottlenose dolphins can become extinct due to harmful human activities like illegal fishing. It can be also harmful to bottlenose dolphins if they encounter humans, especially if the human they have encountered is rude. Some people hunt them for food, and some use to kill them for fun.
What will happen if māui dolphins go extinct?

The recovery of Maui's would be slower and may involve losing its identity as a subspecies if recovery involves recruitment from Hector”s dolphin… “It could mean that a subspecies found only on New Zealand's north island will be truly gone or it could be that the north island will be recolonized by Hector's dolphins.