What does whale poop smell like?

Tyrese Yost asked a question: What does whale poop smell like?
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Why whale poop is so expensive

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Once expelled – usually as faecal matter but also through vomiting, hence the name – ambergris floats in the ocean, turning from a “lump of poo” that smells of faeces into floating gold that has incorporated the varied smells of the sea. Visually this means ambergris starts more as a black lump and slowly bleaches.

The ambergris eventually passes through the whale's intestines and out into the sea. It may sound gross, but to some folks, this poo is gastronomic gold. Ambergris might be best known as a high-end perfume ingredient. Its odor has been variously described as earthy, musky, sweet and marine.

Freshly produced ambergris has a marine, fecal odor. It acquires a sweet, earthy scent as it ages, commonly likened to the fragrance of rubbing alcohol without the vaporous chemical astringency.


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🌴 Does whale poop smell good?

Perfumers covet a rare kind of whale poop known as ambergris. Though it develops in the intestine of sperm whales, it produces a prized scent used in high-end fragrances… You see, for centuries, perfumers have been using ambergris to enhance their fragrances.

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Bowtell agreed that the stench was “putrid”, and locals even 5km to 6km away were saying they could smell it. “I was wearing a mask on the beach but it doesn't matter,” he said. “It travels through you, your body absorbs it. It felt like my entire nose and lungs were coated in this rotting flesh.

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What is ambergris?

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This Is What Whale Breath Smells Like. He kneels at the front of the Zodiac, aiming his crossbow at a humpback whale lazing at the water surface’s 20 feet away. He squeezes the trigger and the ...

The whale excretes hundreds of pounds at a time, but exposure to surf and the fact that ambergris is soft when it's first excreted break the lumps up. After years in salt water, its cow-dung-like...

What does it smell like?Each piece of ambergris is slightly different since they're all exposed to varying amounts of sun and seawater. Some are more on the musky side. Others are a bit sweeter.

Soft black or fresh ambergris is normally jet black in colour though it may also develop a thin powdery white coating (oxidation) on the surface. It can be found in flat strips and in larger lumps which may resemble a flattened cow pat in appearance. It has a matching unpleasant odour of scented cow dung.

It feeds deep down the ocean and swims to the surface to relieve itself. The poop, which could sometimes be in liquid form, is often seen floating on the water surface and does have a strong smell. Whale poop can also come out as chunk, instead of the cloudy form. The color of the poop is red, thanks to its krill-eating lifestyle.

Rolland: It’s a bright, almost neon-orange color. No one has done a chemical analysis to determine what makes right whale poop this color, but my hypothesis is that it is from pigments within the...

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Thai man finds whale vomit that could be us$500000 worth What is whale poop called?

Ambergris is a smooth, waxy and usually round substance that the feces of large sperm whales. It is initially soft and has a terrible smell, but after floating in the ocean for about a decade, it hardens and the smell becomes so fragrant, it's a coveted ingredient for fine perfumes.

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