What does it mean if a cow licks you?

Coy Ryan asked a question: What does it mean if a cow licks you?
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Licking behaviour is a normal behavioural manifestation… Animals of similar rank lick each other more often than animals of very different ranks. Social licking is often associated with a change of activities, such as before or after a rest. Licking seems to have a calming effect after cattle have been disturbed.

Social licking is often associated with a change of activities, such as before or after a rest. Licking seems to have a calming effect after cattle have been disturbed.

Cows lick each other around the head and neck to show affection and maintain complex social networks. Cows lick each other around the head and neck to show affection and help forge strong friendships, a new study reveals.

Grooming. Cattle have a distinct urge to lick and be licked by their peers. Licking behaviour is a normal behavioural manifestation… Licking seems to have a calming effect after cattle have been disturbed.


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