What do dolphins communicate about?

Jerrold Konopelski asked a question: What do dolphins communicate about?
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Beyond echolocation, clicking and whistling, dolphins communicate with a variety of body language signals including tail and flipper slapping on water, leaping out of water, bumping each other and spy hopping… It's believed dolphins use this technique to keep an eye out for predators.

  • Dolphins have also been trained by humans to slap their tails/flippers as a way to communicate a specific desire or need such as a desire to eat or play. Bumping and physical contact. Dolphins are extremely social creatures and part of their communication involves physical contact with one another.

Depending on the hardness and repetition, tail and flipper slaps can serve as a warning to other dolphins of nearby danger, or be a sign of playful communication. Dolphins can also use their tail and flipper slaps to indicate specific desires, if they're hungry or if they simply want to play.


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🌴 Can dolphins communicate underwater?

Dolphins have a very acute sense of hearing which they use to communicate with one another, listen out for predators or threats in the area and find food. In addition to having an acute sense of hearing dolphins also use echolocation to locate objects in their surroundings and navigate the ocean.

🌴 How do dolphins communicate?

Dolphins make a squeaky noise called echolocation that runs through the occean to whoever the dolphin is talking to. They also make a whistle but have no evidence that they have their own formal language.sonar

🌴 Why do dolphins communicate?

Why do dolphins communicate? Asked by Wiki User. See Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered 2010-05-27 00:39:01. To warn each other of danger or where a ball of fish are located.

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How do dolphins communicate kids?
  • Dolphins communicate vocally through a series of high-pitched clicks and whistles. Dolphins are also thought to employ body language, physical communication and a process known as echolocation in order to communicate with each other.
How do dolphins communicate seaworld.com?

A bottlenose dolphin identifies itself with a signature whistle. The signature whistle is so distinct that scientists can identify individual dolphins by looking at their whistle shapes on a sonogram. They use these unique whistles to communicate, identity, location and, potentially, emotional state.

How do dolphins communicate underwater?

By sending out sound

How do dolphins communicate visually?

Dolphins may use other sounds besides whistles to communicate… When under duress, dolphins emit pulsed squeaks. Aggressive confrontation can produce buzzing click-trains. Dolphins do not generally rely on visual communication, although they have excellent eyesight both above and below the water's surface.

How do dusky dolphins communicate?

Denise Herzing’s research team hopes to to crack the code of spotted dolphins’ underwater communication system. PBS NewsHour Science correspondent Miles O’Br...

How do hector dolphins communicate?

Hector's Dolphin Communication

Hector's dolphins use echo-location to locate their prey.

How do irrawaddy dolphins communicate?

Irrawaddy dolphins swim slowly and display sluggish movements. When they surface to take a breath, only the top of the head is visible and it is done quickly; only 14% of all surfacings between long dives include rolling, splashing, or limb waving and slapping. Before an Irrawaddy dolphin dives, it usually surfaces two times.

How do spinner dolphins communicate?

Breaches may help herd prey during hunting situations. Spinner dolphins produce dramatic spinning leaps which also produce loud sounds upon re-entry – given that many of these leaps are performed at night, these may be leaps whose primary purpose is the generation of noise.

How dolphins communicate under water?

(Listen, Do you Smell Something) There is a possibility that they may use taste to some extent – for example, dolphins may release chemicals into the water (e.g., from feces) that transmit information about arousal levels or reproductive status. But scientists aren’t too sure if this is the case. Dolphin Communication - Vocal Cues

How dolphins communicate with ultrasonics?

Dolphins communicate with a language composed with tonal and pulsed sounds. This language is open and hierarchically organised like ours and it is at least as complex as ours or even more. for more details read my blog Dolphins language. Most of the signals are ultrasonic so we cannot even listen them.

How dolphins communicate with ultrasound?

Bats and dolphins use a similar method, called echolocation, to detect their surroundings and to find food.

How far can dolphins communicate?

Pods of dolphins coordinate their movements to herd prey, and then take turns swimming into the middle of the assembled fish to eat. There is still much to learn about how dolphins communicate though a number of generalities have emerged from research. Sound travels 4.5 – 5 times faster through water than through the air.

How humans communicate with dolphins?

Herzing also thinks her team could create their own artificial calls in dolphin-speak — such as signature whistles to give themselves dolphin names so that the animals could request specific divers...

What do dolphins use to communicate physics?

A dolphin can copy its friend's whistle, and will remember the sound after many years. Other dolphins do not whistle, but send out pulsed sounds. Because sound travels in waves, the dolphin sends...

What is it called when dolphins communicate?

Dolphins are almost constantly making one of two kinds of sounds: communicative or navigational. They produce these different sounds in a variety of ways. Echolocation sounds are produced in their nasal passages just below their blowholes and are called clicks.

What noises do dolphins use to communicate?
  • Scientists say that dolphins may also use clicking to communicate with one another. Although dolphins do not possess vocal cords, they still "speak" using sounds such as whistles, squeaks , and trills . A mother dolphin may whistle to her newborn for days, apparently to imprint a signature whistle upon her baby that will enable it to recognize her.
How did baby dolphins communicate with other dolphins?

The mother dolphin whistles to the calf when it's first born so that the baby will learn the mom's sound. When a baby dolphin is about one month old, it has its own signature whistle. A dolphin can...

Bbc earth - how do dolphins communicate?

Dolphins communicate using a wide range of sounds produced from the airsacs located just below their blowhole.

Can dolphins communicate with each other?

Research by scientists shows that dolphins do indeed communicate with each other using a wide range of sounds and gestures. Exactly what these sounds and gestures express, however, remains largely undetermined.

How can dolphins communicate with humans?

Like humans, dolphins use both verbal utterances and nonverbal gestures to communicate with one another. These include whistles, clicks, and loud broadband packets of sound called burst pulses. Studies conducted by researchers around the world have collected data on wide range of sounds and nonverbal gestures used by dolphins for what many believe to be a complex system of communication.

How do amazon river dolphins communicate?

Communication: Amazon River Dolphins use low frequency sounds to communicate. Did You Know? Hunting: Amazon River Dolphins use echolacation a form of built in radar to locate their prey.