What animal eats bottlenose dolphin?

Avery Crist asked a question: What animal eats bottlenose dolphin?
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  • Nonetheless, “Nothing” is not the correct answer to the question of “What eats a bottlenose dolphin?” Certain of the larger and more aggressive shark species—great white sharks, tiger sharks and bull sharks , for example—will sometimes prey on young dolphins.

Some sharks (including tiger sharks, dusky sharks and bull sharks) and orcas (killer whales) will prey upon dolphins. Dolphins (and whales) are also often trapped in people's fishing nets.


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Animal Life Ask Question. 0. Log in. Dolphins and Porpoises. What eats pink dolphins? Wiki User. ∙ 2009-06-09 21:48:14… What eats a pink river dolphin? sharks eat pink river dolphins.

🌴 What kind of shark eats a bottlenose dolphin?

  • Bottlenose Dolphin Natural Predators Large shark species such as the tiger shark, the dusky shark, and the bull shark prey on the Bottlenose Dolphin. However, the dolphin is far from helpless against its predators and it has been known to fight back by charging at its attacker. The Orca may also prey on it, but this seems very, very rare.

🌴 What kind of animal is a bottlenose dolphin?

  • Marine dolphins come from the family Delphinidae. The Bottlenose dolphin is the most common species and is found worldwide in tropical and temperate waters. Dolphins have streamlined bodies for fast swimming. They use their tail called “fluke” for propulsion while the pectoral fins together with the tail give directional control.

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-Full grown dolphins have little fear from other marine creatures. -Killer whale and orca eats bottle nose dolphins. But, infrequently.

Large shark species such as the tiger shark, the dusky shark, and the bull shark prey on the Bottlenose Dolphin. However, the dolphin is far from helpless against its predators and it has been known to fight back by charging at its

A bottlenose dolphin may use its tail flukes to flip a fish out of the water, and then retrieve the stunned prey. During the hunting technique known as "crater feeding," bottlenose dolphins dive snout-first into the sandy bottom trying

Despite its confusing name, the killer whale is actually the largest member of the dolphin family. Bottlenose dolphin Find out about the bottlenose dolphins and the impact humans are having on this species.

there is only about one creature that eats bottle nose dolphins and that is hammer head sharks but you do not often get them where bottle nose dolphins live

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  • The IUCN , on their Red List of endangered species, also recognises only two species of bottlenose dolphins. The American Society of Mammalogists also recognizes only two species; while acknowledging the studies describing T. australis, it classifies it within T. aduncus. Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin, T. aduncus
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