What animal eats arctic hare in the tundra?

Tristin Jast asked a question: What animal eats arctic hare in the tundra?
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🌴 What eats arctic hare in the tundra?

Arctic fox

🌴 What eats an arctic hare?

arctic hare are eaten by polar bears, and big birds like owls etc.

🌴 What arctic animal eats arctic poppies?

arctic hare

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arctic fox

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Does an arctic hare sleep?

An arctic hare sleeps and hunts food too.

How do arctic hare communicate?

Arctic Hares communicate mostly with smell

Is the arctic hare common?

In the Arctic, yes

Where are arctic hare found?

Within the Arctic Circle.

What kind of animal eats an arctic wolf?

Arctic wolves are apex predators and no animals regularly kill and eat them.

Does the arctic hare live in the arctic?


What is the relationship between arctic fox and arctic hare?


What animals live with the arctic hare?

Wolves, arctic foxes, bears, geese, lemming, stoat, caribou, squirrel, seal, and many other animals

Does the arctic hare have camouflage?

how does a Arctic hare camouflage

How does an arctic hare move?


How does the arctic hare survive?
  • The Arctic hare ( Lepus arcticus) is a species of hare which is highly adapted to living in the Arctic tundra, and other icy biomes. The Arctic hare survives with shortened ears and limbs, a small nose, fat that makes up 20% of its body, and a thick coat of fur. It usually digs holes in the ground or under snow to keep warm and to sleep.
Is a arctic hare a decomposer?

The arctic hare is a primary consumer.

Is a arctic hare a mammal?

No, but an arctic hare is a mammal. I have no idea if the two are related.

Is a arctic hare an omnivore?

No, it is a herbivore.

Is an arctic hare a carnivore?


Is an arctic hare a mamal?

Yes. An Arctic Hare is a mammal.

Is an arctic hare an omnivore?

No, An arctic hare is a herbivore

Is the arctic hare a prokaryote?

No, like all other animals, the Arctic Hare is an eukaryote organism.

What is the difference between the arctic hare and the snowshoe hare?

the snow hare is slightly larger and more muscular

What are the predators of the arctic hare?

wolves and coyotes

What are the threats to the arctic hare?
  • Major threats for Arctic hare are: habitat loss in areas, overlapping with human settlements, and excessive hunting. As for the latter, they attract hunters for their pelts as well as meat. Majority of the hunters are indigenous people of the region.