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🐻 Is salamander harmless?

Most Salamanders are harmless. be careful handling, as they do have teeth.

🐻 Do salamander have hair?

no salamanders are amphibians mammals have hair, amphibians do not

🐻 Where is salamander home?

Where are the homes at the Salamander Resort?

  • Salamander Resort & Spa this week, through a partnership with the South Street Partners equity real estate investment firm, unveiled its new Residences at Salamander development, which will offer 49 luxury homes for sale on its property in the Town of Middleburg.

🐻 How much are axolotl salamander?

  • The cost of an axolotl will depend on its colors, size, age and where you purchase it. Most purchases, from what we researched, will be anywhere from $15 to $40 either online or at a local pet store.

🐻 Are there salamander in thailand?

Salamander has been an operator in Thailand since 2008 when we acquired our first interest in the Bualuang oil field and opened our first office in Bangkok. ... Thailand.

B8/38(100%, Operator)Production, Development, Exploration
L15/43 & L27/43(27.2%*)Production, Development, Exploration

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Video answer: Axolotl documentary

Axolotl documentary

Video answer: How and what to feed your axolotl

How and what to feed your axolotl

Video answer: How to set up an axolotl aquarium and how to care for axolotls (ambystoma mexicanum)

How to set up an axolotl aquarium and how to care for axolotls (ambystoma mexicanum)

Video answer: Where to get an axolotl

Where to get an axolotl

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Where does the axolotl salamander live in the wild?

  • Despite their “superpower”, this virtually immortal salamander is paradoxically headed for extinction. Axolotls are native exclusively to the lake complex of Xochimilco, Mexico City. Therefore, they are a freshwater amphibian with a limited geographical distribution in the wild.

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Where do you find the axolotl salamander in mexico?

  • Naturally occurring in Lake Xochimilco and Lake Chalco in the southern Mexico City neighborhood of Xochimilco, these fascinating creatures are rarely seen in person. Descended from the tiger salamander, the axolotl is “young", having inhabited central Mexico for only about the last 10,000 years, according to some experts.

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What's the difference between a salamander and a newt?

  • A Newt is any member of the salamander family in the Pleurodelinae subfamily. Thus, technically all Newts are salamanders, but not all salamanders are Newts. The primary distinction between the two is that Newts often emerge from the water while salamanders do not. Researchers recognize over 100 different species across the globe.

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What is the weight of the blue spotted salamander?

how much does a blue spotted salamder wheigh

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What would happen if the chinese giant salamander went extinct?

There wouldn't be anymore

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Green lizard with a lime green stripe going down its back is it a gecko or salamander?

If it is a lizard it can't be a salamander because a salamander is an amphibian.

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