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🐻 What animals live in the vietnam jungle?

  • Red-Shanked Douc. These colorful primates get their name from the Vietnamese word for torch: đuốc…
  • Great Hornbill. With a large casque on its beak,the Great Hornbill is one weird-looking bird…
  • Snub-Nosed Monkey…
  • Indian Elephant…
  • Sun Bear…
  • Pygmy Slow Loris…
  • Vietnamese Mossy Frog…
  • Asian Water Monitor…
  • Water Buffalo…
  • Burmese Python…

🐻 What kind of wild animals live in myanmar?

The country's highlands are home to elephants, rhinoceros, wild buffalo, wild boars as well as various deer species. Myanmar also houses varying monkey species including gibbons. Reptiles that are found in Myanmar include crocodiles, pythons, cobras and geckos.

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🐻 What animals are only found in myanmar?

  • Burmese bamboo shark…
  • Pangolin…
  • Spoon-billed sandpiper…
  • Dugong…
  • Black bear…
  • The ET insect (extinct) ...
  • Crocodiles…
  • Burmese flap shell turtle.

🐻 Is there any wild animals in myanmar?

Can you visit Myanmar?

  • Ultimately, Myanmar is a safe place to visit. There are certain areas along the borders where conflict is ongoing that should be avoided by all travelers. Instead of boycotting, which can hurt the tourism industry and individual citizens, try to engage in other ways.

🐻 Which animals attend wolves council in jungle book?

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Do zebras live in the jungle?

No they don't they live in the savannah

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Do owls live in the jungle?

Yes, many species of owl can be found in jungles, including the Crested owl, Spectacled Owl, Great Horned Owl, Fishing Owl and some species of small screech owl.

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Are tucuxi dangerous animals to animals?

Here are what appear to be the 10 dumbest animals in the world. #6 Dumbest Animals in the World: Goblin Shark… #5 Dumbest Animals in the World: Jerboa… #4 Dumbest Animals in the World: Turkey… #3 Dumbest Animals in the World: Panda Bear… #2 Dumbest Animals in the World: Flamingo… #1 Dumbest Animals in the World: Ostrich.

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What animals are great diving animals?

Diving animals as in.. diving into the water? Hm.. I would say a whale, or a dolphin. Most marine animals are known to dive down into the depths of the ocean.

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Egypt animals?

10 Animals Native to Egypt 1. Hyena. The striped hyena is still found in some parts of Egypt although the population is gradually declining and has... 2. Egyptian Mongoose. The Egyptian mongoose, as its name would suggest, can be found throughout Egypt, although the... 3. Sand rat. The sand rat or ...

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Are striped dolphin dangerous animals to animals?

The marine mammals, Striped Dolphins, have a reputation for being fun playmates, but they are wild animals and should be handled with care and reverence. Interactions with humans alter dolphin behavior in a negative way.

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Are eden whale dangerous animals to animals?

Hey there! In this video we'll tell you about lots of kinds of wild animals. There are over 60 lions and 40 tigers and so on here. Animals live in the park ...

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Are blue whale dangerous animals to animals?

Their growth rate is likely one of the fastest in the animal world, with a several billion-fold increase in tissue in the 18 months from conception to weaning. 6. They’re Unusually Loud. Blue ...

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What animals start from a baby animals?

Nymph is the young of Dragonfly, grasshopper, louseA calf is a baby cow.A baby dolphin is called a calf.Most baby birds are called chicks.A baby llama is called a cria.A cygnet is a baby swan.A duckling is a baby duck.A fawn is a baby deer.A foal is a baby horse.A baby donkey is called a foal.A joey is a baby kangaroo.

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What ocean animals eat what ocean animals?

dolphin get eaten sharks

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Facts about captive animals and wild animals?

Captive wild animals generally live longer than wild animals in the wild.

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Is there fish in the amazon jungle?

Yes, there is fish in the amazon jungle.

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Six elephants in a jungle collective noun?

The collective nouns for (six) elephants in a jungle are:

  • a herd of elephants
  • a memory of elephants
  • a parade of elephants
  • a crash of elephants

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Why tiger is not king of jungle?

Lions may face a challenge to the species' long reign as king of the jungle, after scientists from Oxford University found that tigers have the bigger brains. "However, the tiger has bigger cranial volume than the lion…

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What animal is king of the jungle?

Lions have famously acquired the title of 'King of the Jungle'.

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Is there a dolphinarium in myanmar?

In their letter to the minister, SKAL makes a succinct yet highly compelling 12-point argument against the dolphinarium, which has already been constructed with funding from Ukranian investors. There is no doubt that public opinion here in Phuket is overwhelmingly opposed to a dolphinarium anywhere on the island.

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How many dolphins are in myanmar?

Mandalay – The number of the endangered Irrawaddy dolphins found in Myanmar this year has increased to 79, the highest in a decade, according to the Wildlife Conservation Society of Myanmar (WCS). The numbers include seven calves aged three months or younger.

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Are there venomous snakes in myanmar?

  • Myanmar has one of the highest rates of venomous snakebites in the world. It is estimated there are over 10,000 bites with over 1,000 deaths each year in the country making it a top health priority. Populations who live in rural areas, especially agricultural workers and their children are at highest risk of lethal snake encounters.

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How do aquatic animals interact with other animals?

by sound waves they send out

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Eight letter animals?

Eight-letter animals include: Mongoose Terrapin Porpoise Mandrill

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What animals giggle?

So far, apes and rats are the only known animals to get the giggles. Koko, the western lowland gorilla famous for her facility with sign language, "thinks that me being clumsy is funny," and will make laughing noises, says Penny Patterson, president of the California-based Gorilla Foundation.

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Do animals laugh?

Recently, scientists investigated play vocalization to see how common it was among animals. The team identified 65 species that "laughed" while playing; most were mammals, but a few bird species demonstrated playful laughter too.

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Animals without ears?


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Animals in wales?

Wales has many types of wildlife. They have dolphins, puffins, seals, salmon, and several types of wild fowls like sea birds.

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What animals snore?


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Are we animals?

In the strictest sense of the word, human beings are animals. We share many of the same characteristics of animals.

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Do animals fart?

Share All sharing options for: Farts: which animals do, which don't, and why. Here's a mind-boggling fact: Almost all mammals fart, yet the sloth does not… A Definitive Field Guide to Animal Flatulence, which published in April. It's a small (133 pages), illustrated compendium of all things that toot from the rear.

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Do animals think?

For a long time, many abilities were thought to be exclusively human—but in the last few years, we learned that: Newborn chickens can calculate, chimpanzees help each other, parrots talk, and scrub jays plan for the future. Every week, new findings support the idea that animals are indeed capable of thinking.

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Do animals cry?

If you define crying as expressing emotion, such as grief or joy, then the answer is yes. Animals do create tears, but only to lubricate their eyes, says Bryan Amaral, senior curator of the Smithsonian's National Zoo. Animals do feel emotions, too, but in nature it's often to their advantage to mask them.

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Nearly extinct animals?

Bamboons, lions, tigers, glass frog, island grey fox, giant salamender, Mexican walking fish, elephants and dolphins

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Are humans animals?

Of course, humans are animals! We're composed of cells with genetic material, and we move around, seeking energy to feed our bodies, pooping it out again as waste. We look a lot like our fellow primates with our five-digit hands and feet, our thoughtful eyes, and our lean, muscular physiques.

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Can animals love?

Course they can , ;)

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Are dolphin animals?

People refer to a wide range of different marine mammals as a “Dolphin.” Researchers place all of the various species in the Cetacea infraorder. They classify all Dolphins as “toothed whales” or Odontoceti. However, they do not recognize all toothed whales as “Dolphins.”

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Endangered ocean animals?

many whales are endangerd encluding the orca

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Animals in florida?

Florida Panther, Crocodile, Alligator, Ibis, Manatee, Dolphins, and Black bears.

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Are dolphins animals?

yes they are animals and they are cute.

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Do animals dream?

But, since the 1950s, scientists have found some pretty convincing, though indirect, evidence that many other mammals and birds do indeed dream… Almost all mammals and birds that have been studied – from dogs and cats to duck-billed platypuses, and even reptiles – seem to go into this stage of Rapid Eye Movement sleep.

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Pollution affecting animals?

yes it is melting the ice caps for the Polar bears

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Animals in haiti?

Yes, there are animals in Haiti.

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Are animals emotionless?

It really depends on the type of animal, some don't even have the brain power to have emotions. For more intelligent animals, such as dolphins, tests have shown that they can have feelings. eg. they will fell "sad" if their baby dies.

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Can animals laugh?

Dozens Of Animals Laugh Too, Study Shows : NPR. Dozens Of Animals Laugh Too, Study Shows A new study in the journal Bioacoustics found that 65 different species of animals have their own form of laughter. Study co-author Sasha Winkler describes the sounds animals make during play.

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Can animals taste?

Yes animals can taste. Some animals, like cats, sense of taste dulls as they age. Some even use their sense of taste to help smell proving useful when hunting.

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Which animals breastfeed?

All mammals breast feed their young. That would include among many others; dogs, cats, people, horses, dolphins, and squirrels.

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Ways animals breathe?

Most animals breathe throught there mouth and nose. Other animals like Whales, Dolphins,. etc. breathe through air holes. Water animals, breathe water through gills. and often suface for oxygen.(Again through mouth or air hole; depending on the animal.)

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Animals that walk?

No, not all animals walk. Snakes or snails don’t walk. Whales, dolphins, and underwater animals don’t walk. Animals that don’t have legs don’t walk.

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Are there snakes in the jungle in belize?

  • There is a large variety of wildlife in Belize. Some are some poisonous (mostly found in the jungles of Belize) while others are harmless and absolutely beautiful. There are some very dangerous snakes in Belize.

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Are there jaguars in the jungle of guatemala?

  • Are there jaguars in Guatemala? Central America, including Guatemala, is the original home of the famed jaguar. Here in the deepest parts of the Guatemalan jungle is the place where they are most likely to live, although there is almost no chance of ever seeing one outside of zoological conditions.

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What is the dumbest animal in the jungle?

The polar bear. Find this Pin and more on FEATHERS AND FUR by blue monday.

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What kind of bear lives in the jungle?

Yes, the Spectacled Bear and the Giant Panda does. The Spectacled Bear in South America and the Giant Panda in Asia and some more

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Where do grasshoppers live in the tropical jungle?

  • Grasshoppers feel great both in the tropical jungle and in the scorching deserts, they live in the tundra zone and in the alpine meadows. You can meet a grasshopper in the bushes and on a wheat field, at the edge of the forest and in steppe grass.

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