How to map your mouse on dolphin?

Antonia Connelly asked a question: How to map your mouse on dolphin?
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  • You can map everything you need to the controller first, then select Keyboard/Mouse and map the IR. Even if your controller isn't selected there, it doesn't matter if you already mapped everything to the joystick, you can play fine.


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🌴 How to make dolphin hide mouse cursor?

Go to Config -> Display -> Under Emulation Display Settings, make sure 'Hide Mouse Cursor' is checked. 1 - 3 of 3 Posts.

🌴 Should your wrist touch the mouse pad?

Use your arm, wrist, and hand efficiently.

When the cursor needs to travel far, use your arm to move the mouse, not your wrist. Your forearm should slide over the worksurface.

🌴 Can you use a rumble mouse on dolphin?

  • The rumble is the motor, and Dolphin can't rumble mice. That's Wii Remote Controller config from an older release. In the current development releases there is a tab for "Motion Controls and IR" that includes a "Shake" section allowing shaking on each axis to be assigned to a button.

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GameCube Controller. Click on the Motion Controls and IR tab to view the default configurations for motion controls. As you move your mouse around, you’ll notice a red dot in a diagram moving along with you (as shown to the right). This is how Dolphin handles emulating the Wii Remote’s motion sensing with your mouse.

The Dolphin Cursor can perform these tasks by simulating a mouse click on the object it is on. The main hot keys that perform a mouse click are laid out in the following table. Function

Everyone says just click the "up c stick slot" and move the mouse upwards, but that does not register (with mouse selected as device). When I right click and manually input "axis y+-" that registers, but the stick barely moves from the center, therefore being worthless since it's not a full button push.

Your eyes are not deceiving you, MotionPlus emulation is finally here. In a dramatic return to the project after a long hiatus, Billiard returned to the project with the goal of cleaning up emulated Wii Remotes and implementing emulated MotionPlus correctly once and for all. These efforts have greatly improved Dolphin's ability to create motions that games can recognize without the need for real Wii Remotes.

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Is there an external mouse injector for dolphin?
  • A external app that injects cursor input into game memory, bundled with Dolphin emulator. This injector is COMPLETELY AND ABSOLUTELY UNSUPPORTED, WITHOUT PREJUDICE.
Can you use a mouse and keyboard on dolphin?

Dolphin has mouse and keyboard support already.

How to set up mouse / keyboard configuration with dolphin?
  • Click to expand... 1) Open the "Dolphin Wiimote Configuration" window. 2) Click the "Configure" button (which opens a sub-window allowing you to set up button mappings). 3) In the button mapping window, click the "Default" button between "Device" and "Profile", and near the "Clear" button. 4) ??? 5) Profit.
Is there a mouse injector for dolphin 5 (11990)?
  • Failed to load latest commit information. Mouse Injector for Dolphin 5.0 (11990) Please Note This injector is COMPLETELY AND ABSOLUTELY UNSUPPORTED, WITHOUT PREJUDICE. The original author does NOT support this project anymore, and any questions directed to me will be IGNORED How to Use Supported Titles (NTSC Only) ManyMouse
Is there a way to fix dolphin mouse pointer?

Check if your mouse is working fine again. If your problem is still there go for the next fix. Fix 2 – Uncheck Hide Pointer option. 1. To open the Run window you can press Windows key+R. 2. In the Run window, type “main.cpl” and then hit Enter. 2. Now, go to the “Pointer Options” tab. 3. Then, uncheck the “Hide pointer while typing” option. 4.

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Why is my mouse not working on my dolphin?
  • This brings up a bug: If you click Up, then move the mouse up Dolphin records the sharp up movement, not an analog movement that you get from setting it manually. Why?
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I just noticed that the mouse pointer is always visible in the fade in screen no matter what i do when loading gamecube games with dolphin. other emulators don't have this issue its just when running the dolphin module. RocketLauncher Forums > RocketLauncher General Discussion > Fade > [SOLVED] hide cursor not working for dolphin. PDA. View Full Version : [SOLVED] hide cursor not working for dolphin. cID67. 03-09-2015, 10:56 PM. I just noticed that the mouse pointer is always visible in the ...

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The easiest way to create a Dolphin Account is to sign in to EasyReader or the Dolphin website using an existing Google Account. Using this method means your account will be automatically activated and ready to use immediately. Without the need for another username or password. Create a new Dolphin Account. If you prefer to create a new Dolphin Account using your email address, follow these steps:

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