How to add modules in boonex dolphin?

Simone Howell asked a question: How to add modules in boonex dolphin?
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  • 1. Download Deanos Tools directly from Boonex here:
  • 2. Extract the contents of the .zip file you just downloaded to your local computer. The desktop would be a good choice for windows based computer ...
  • 3. Open - Start up filezilla (free ftp client). (If you don't have it you can get it for free from: ).
  • 4. Ftp into your site using the login details that your host provides.
  • 5. Once you are connected you will see 2 coulumns. The column on the left is files and folders on your local pc or computer. The column on the right ...


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This Boonex Dolphin Tutorial walks you through each and every step necessary to install the latest Boonex Dolphin Social Networking / Social Media (CMS) soft...

🌴 Do i need to install and configure boonex dolphin on ubuntu?

  • Of course, you don’t have to install and configure Boonex Dolphin on Ubuntu 18.04 if you use one of our Ubuntu Linux Cloud VPS Hosting solutions, in which case you can simply ask our expert Linux admins to set up and configure Boonex Dolphin on Ubuntu 18.04 for you. They are available 24×7 and will take care of your request immediately. PS.

🌴 How do i install python modules without internet and pip?


  1. On the online computer, verify if Python and Pip are installed…
  2. Download the prerequisite packages on the online computer…
  3. Transfer the package files from the online computer to the offline computer…
  4. On the offline computer, decompress the transferred files…
  5. Install the required RPMs on the offline computer.

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A Dolphin Module that is compatible with your current version. Who this will help the most? Those that are new to Boonex Dolphin and might be a little lost or confused about how to add new modules to their Dolphin 7 web site. For demonstration purposes of this tutorial I will be using the Dolphin 7 Module: Deanos Tools - V1.8.1 - Dolphin 7.0.x Version (FREE) ...

Go to Dolphin admin panel -> Tools -> Modules. Scroll down to the Not Installed Modules block. It will show the Bloggie version 1.0.0 by Me module here if you uploaded all the files properly. Select it and click install.

In addition to managing your module installations, Tools>Modules is also where you can upload new packages, set your FTP access and Recompile Languages for most individual modules. To Recompile Languages, select the module(s) and click the Recompile language(s) button. To Recompile Languages for the Forum Module, go to the forum page and click "Manage Forums" where you will see a link to Compile Language on the right hand side of the screen below the breadcrumb menu. To Recompile Languages ...

Simply navigate to " Tools " and then " Modules ". Here you will find a page with all the current modules you can install. Simply check the box for the Module you want to install, then scroll down and select install. Or maybe you want to install several, check all the ones you want to install all at once.

Upload the included modules folder to the root of your site. Doing so will add the contents of this module to your existing Dolphin modules folder. Step 2: Login/Goto your Dolphin Administration area. Add A New Member will appear under Modules -> Add & Manage as an uninstalled module.

Free Mods And Modules For Dolphin. The following is a list of FREE Dolphin Modifications and Modules that have been posted at Boonex Unity Market. Since Boonex doesn't seem to have a sorting or search feature for FREE only mods I thought this might be helpful to some. Although they are listed at Boonex as FREE you should read the details.

Create a NEWITEM -> click and set it ->Save Changes. Thirdly, configure Dolphin chat module's running mode. Please choose the running mode according to your need, and the configuration path is /flashchatconf/config.php. Then configure the following parameters:

You need to install Payment module via Dolphin administration panel -> Tools -> Modules. Now you are ready to set it up in Dolphin administration panel -> Modules -> Payment and first of all you need to fill in your PayPal requisites in 'Payment Details' block. Take a look at the form parts:

Select plugins from Not Installed Modules (same Tools > Modules menu) and click Install button. There are 3 modules you can install: Live Streaming, Video Conference, Video Recorder. Go to Modules from left menu and configure each of the modules you want to use.

Click the Home icon in the upper left to return to the main page, then click Privileges and follow these steps to create a user: 1b-1. Click Add a new User . 1b-2. Chose a user name for Dolphin (for example "dolphin") and enter it in the User name field (make sure "Use text field:" is selected from the dropdown list).

Make sure the module is compatible with your current version of Dolphin. There is a feature in the Dolphin 7 Administration area to upload a module, but currently it is better to manually upload them with a ftp client (filezilla) because some people do not pack and .zip up the module right for this method.

In order to access the modules page of your social community you will needto login into the administration area and then navigate to Modules>Add & Manage. There you will notice few sections which will present you with the following lists of modules: Installed Modules – The modules you have already installed on your social community

In this tutorial, we cover default module configuration in Boone Dolphin including enabling RSS feed configuration, store management, SMTP configuration and much more. Further reading: How to Install Modules in Boonex Dolphin How to Enable and Manage Blogs in Boonex Dolphin Boonex Dolphin Configuration. Boonex Dolphin Web Hosting

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  • In the Dolphin configuration > Paths > DVD Root, browse to the folder created in Step 1. 5. In the Dolphin configuration > Paths > Apploader, browse to the apploader file extracted from Step 2. 6. Use the File > Open command and select the bool.dol from Step 3. The game should now start to play.
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