How fast is a tennessee walking horse?

D'angelo Nicolas asked a question: How fast is a tennessee walking horse?
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The tennessee walking horse inspection process - presented by fast

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The running walk is typically associated with the Tennessee Walking Horse. Although the footfall pattern of the running walk is the same as for the regular walk, the speed of the gait is much faster. These horses can travel at 10–20 mph (16–32 km/h).


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Soring is the unethical and illegal practice of deliberately inflicting pain to exaggerate the leg motion of gaited horses (such as Tennessee Walking Horses, Spotted Saddle Horses and Racking Horses) to gain an unfair advantage in the show ring… Physical methods result in pain when the horse's hoof strikes the ground.

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The Tennessee Walking Horse is a light horse breed founded in middle Tennessee, the Tennessee Walking Horse is a composition of Narragansett and Canadian Pacer, Standardbred, Thoroughbred, Morgan, and American Saddlebred stock.

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Video answer: The tennessee walking horse inspection process

The tennessee walking horse inspection process

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The speed of any horse depends on the age and fitness of the animal, as well as the bloodlines of the horse. Tennessee Walking Horses can canter and gallop just like other horses, and the average speed is 30 mph.

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Tennessee walking horse vs missouri fox trotter gaits