How do baby whales drink milk from their mother?

Mckenna D'Amore asked a question: How do baby whales drink milk from their mother?
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The mother's nipples are normally inverted but upon stimulation by the baby, the nipples come out and milk is ejected into the baby's mouth, while the baby holds onto the nipple with its mouth, or holds its mouth and/or tongue around the nipple.

To be more hydrodynamic, the mother's nipples are inverted at the mammary gland until the baby starts to nudge where they then start to point out. The mom then starts to shoot out milk. Whales don't have lips, so they can't really suckle the milk. Instead it's almost injected into the baby's mouth.


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🌴 Do baby dolphins drink milk?

  • Dolphins give birth to babies underwater. After babies are born the mother dolphins brings the baby up to the surface to breathe. Baby dolphins drink milk from their mothers, Babies stay with their mothers until they are able to search for food on their own.

🌴 Why do dolphins drink milk from their mothers?

  • Dolphins milk is not like normal cows milk and is thicker due to its high fat content, dolphins will nurse from their mothers for around 6 months until they will switch to obtaining their nutrients and water supply from their prey, as such, throughout their lives the only liquid they drink is milk.

🌴 How do baby dolphins drink milk?

Dolphins and Porpoises. How do baby dolphins drink milk from their mom? Asked by Wiki User. See Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered 2012-04-16 19:59:15. they dont. 0 0 1.

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The visual fact that baby whales drink milk from their mother's bodies should be intriguing for children as they try to relate the huge mammal's life to their own. The careful illustrations in this book extend the text to provide a more vivid and accurate account of the life of whales.

Like most mammals, whale calves require their mother's milk for nutrients. However, it can prove difficult to feed underwater, so just how do these

In order to maximize the transfer of milk to the baby some children may use their tongue to create a tight seal around the mothers nipple. A few species of whale (such as the blue whale ) may drink in excess of 150 gallons of milk per day and can easily gain 100 pounds or more each day in its first few months of birth primarily from drinking its mother’s milk.

The baby whales roll their tongue into a tube or U-shape. The rolled tongue is then pressed onto the upper palate and placed around the nipple. The whale mother then ejects milk right into the mouth of the calf. The mammary glands have particular muscles that first contract, then shoot out milk directly into the mouth. Whales have excellent senses.

Baby whales drink milk from their mother’s breasts, just like human babies. Except they do it under water. Author: David Browne Created Date: 4/29/2013 10:43:12 AM

To maximize the baby’s milk transfer, some children may use their tongue to create a tight seal around the mother’s nipple. A few whale species (such as the blue whale) may drink more than 150 gallons of milk per day and can easily gain 100 pounds or more each day in its first few months of birth, primarily from drinking its mother’s milk. Baby whales can often consume anywhere from 2% to 10% of their weight in milk daily. In terms of how long a baby whale may feed on its mother’s ...

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How long do baby dolphins stay with their mother?

Mother-calf bonds are long-lasting; a calf typically stays with its mother 3 to 6 years. The dependency period of calves in zoological facilities is much shorter because the animals are not vulnerable to predation, do not have to learn foraging techniques, and are well fed.

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After birth the young porpoise is fed milk and nurtured by its mother until it can hunt and survive on its own. The nursing period generally lasts 6 – 10 months depending on how quickly the child develops and matures psychologically.

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  • Although it's not well known how much they drink, whales are capable of drinking sea water because they have specialized kidneys to process the salt, which is excreted in their urine.
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Snails don't need dairy products. Milk isn't even natural for them they can't get it any where from rainforest or other habitats. (?) Many animals are lactose intolerance so they can't get any benefits drinking milk.

How dolphins drink milk?

How does a dolphin drink milk from its mother? Asked by Wiki User. See Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered 2012-07-01 17:54:47. It gets its milk from the mothers tail. 0 0 1.

Do dolphins get milk from their mom?

They even have little finger-like projections on the sides of their tongue that act like a zipper. These keeps mom's milk in the calf's mouth - and at the same time -- keeps salt water out. Another thing that makes drinking under water easier for dolphins is that dolphin milk has a very thick viscosity. It's like drinking a milkshake.

Do whales drink water?

Whales do, in fact, drink water directly from the ocean. But find out how marine mammals filter out sodium, other sources of water, and much more. Yes, we are open! Ample space for social distancing. CDC Covid-19 protocols in place.

What do whales drink?

It’s possible that by consuming the water within their prey’s body they can avoid taking in some of the salt that they would ingest otherwise. Some of the most common sea species whales eat include fish, krill, plankton and squid among other sea animals.

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Rats can only safely consume a very small amount of cows milk, and should do so infrequently. This is true for any dairy product including yogurt. Even if they are to enjoy it, rats are lactose intolerant. Consuming too much milk or other dairy product will likely result in diarrhea and digestive upset.

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For those of you who are wondering: Yes, porpoise milk is a real thing. Cetaceans nurse their young just like land mammals do. Unlike the exposed nipples of humans and our closer kin, the mammary...

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Humans cannot digest elephant milk because our bodies simply can not absorb the loaded nutrients it contains.

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It is not because we cannot drink the milk of other mammals. While other mammals' milk may taste less pleasant to our palate – sea lion milk has a 40% fat content and no lactose, dolphin milk is said to be 'oily and fishy', for instance – we should be able to safely consume the milk of pretty much all mammals.

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The platypus is a weird mammal for a whole lot of reasons; its super nutritious milk is the icing on the quirky cake that is this half-duck/half-otter monotreme… Instead, mothers release milk through pores in their chest and the young drink it up as if they're drinking from a cupped hand.

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Here's the deal: so far, we know that platypus milk is capable of killing bacteria and other microbes thanks to an antibacterial protein… The Australian researchers who found the protein dubbed it the 'Shirley Temple,' because it has ringlets and scientists like giving things funny, cutesy names.

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It still contains PCBs. They pose a particular challenge to the survival of marine mammals like porpoises, whales, and dolphins… The Europe-based researchers found that PCBs accumulate in the fat tissue of cetaceans and stay with them throughout their lives.

How do dolphins drink milk?

As you can imagine, drinking a liquid while immersed in another liquid could prove quite a challenge but dolphins have developed a way to stop the milk being lost into the ocean. They have specially adapted tongues that wrap around their mother’s nipple in a straw and lock together like a zip so that the milk is kept inside the calf’s mouth and no salt water is accidentally drunk.