How are you smarter than monkeys?

Kaleigh Murphy asked a question: How are you smarter than monkeys?
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🌴 Are chimps smarter than monkeys?

monkey is the general term referring to all non-human primates, and chimpanzees are the most intelligent

🌴 Are dogs smarter than monkeys?

Monkeys are smarter than dogs. Monkeys have figured out how to you tools and create shelter form themselves in the wild. A domesticated dog today could not do that. (zozopaw: but i have read that dogs can read your emotions better then a monkey:)

🌴 Are dolphins smarter than monkeys?

yes a monkey is not at all smarter than a dolphin

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I happen to hold myself in higher esteem then those who think monkeys are smarter then humans. Monkeys may be smart, but they are only animals. I am proud to say I am much smarter then a monkey. I haven't seen a monkey yet who can do trig sums or get a bachelor's degree in sociology.

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Who is smarter monkeys or boys?

monkeys are smarter than boys. boys were born without a brain monkeys have AND use there brains last night i watched deal or no deal and the monkey made a better deal than the man!!!!! and boys are alwys in jail like monkeys but the monkeys still live better!!!

Dolphins smarter than humans?

They found that humans came in the highest, followed by several species of dolphins: Tuxuxi, white-sided, common, and bottlenose. The encephalization quotient of these dolphins weren’t that far off from Homo habilus, a close human ancestor, the study noted. It was much higher than sperm whales. “Their brains are oversized,” Marino says.

Ravens smarter than dolphins?

The Ravens post an impressive 7th win against the Miami Dolphins today and in dominating fashion blowing the Dolphins out 38-6. In a typical Ravens season with the defense leading the charge for most of the year, the ...

Are dolphins' brains bigger than monkeys'?

Dolphins and Porpoises. Monkeys. Are dolphins' brains bigger than monkeys'? Wiki User. ∙ 2012-08-13 22:17:03. Best Answer. Copy. yes because i searched it up. Wiki User. 2012-08-13 22:17:03.

Are dolphins more intelligent than monkeys?

Both animals are very intelligent. Dolphins are the 2nd smartest animals but chimpanzees are the smartest. If you meant in there family's altogether you would say dolphins are smarter but if you were talking within their family's you would say monkeys - chimpanzees.

Are monkeys more intelligent than humans?

It depends how you look at it. Humans are more intelligent in general, but monkeys probably are more intelligent when it comes to a survival situation, because they are usually in one during most of their life (not counting monkeys in zoos). But overall, the answer is no.

Are alligators smarter than humans?

No humans are the smartest animals.

Are ants smarter than humans?

No, humans are smarter than ants.

Are apes smarter than dolphins?

Researchers at institutes such as the Duke Canine Cognition Center, North Carolina, US, and the Dog Cognition Centre at the University of Portsmouth, UK, are concluding there is far more going on...

Are birds smarter than dolphins?

Parrots are very good at symbol manipulation just like dolphins, and they're capable of figuring out complex intellectual concepts. In most tests where parrots and dolphins are able to be examined similarly, parrots score just as well as dolphins, and even better in a few.

Are birds smarter than mammals?

It depends on what kind of bird and what kind of mammal you are talking about. Humans, which are mammals, are the most intelligent animals on the planet. However crows and parrots are smarter than most mammals. Chickens, on the other hand, are not particularly smart.

Are cats smarter than dolphins?

Still, while they're sneakier than dolphins, few researchers would argue they're smarter. 7. Pigs are better at video games than dolphins… and playful with their little ones. Several studies have shown pigs to be even smarter than dogs and cats, and they are able to solve problems quicker than many primates.

Are chickens smarter than humans?

Chickens are no bird brains! Young chicks may be even cleverer than human toddlers, mastering complex skills like numeracy and self-control, a new study has found. Researchers said newly-hatched chickens are capable of skills that can take human babies months or even years to master.

Are chimpanzee smarter than dolphins?

It's easier to read the facial expressions of chimpanzees due to their close evolutionary ties to humans, as compared to the facial expressions of dolphins. Though in the end, both species are...

Are chimpanzee smarter than humans?

Compared with most other animals, chimpanzees are incredibly intelligent: They work with tools, communicate with complex vocalizations, and are good problem-solvers. But as smart as chimps are, their brain power pales in comparison with our own.

Are chimps smarter than dolphins?

As well they have advanced language and comprehension skills, their capacity to show emotions is similar to humans, and they have a highly sociable nature. But these are also things we’ve seen in our parrots, so you may be wondering, are parrots smarter than dolphins? The answer to this question is…. Yes and no.

Are crows smarter than cats?

yes because crows can have about 1.5 billion neurons while cats only have 300 million neurons. crows can also solve puzzles like getting longhorn grubs out of old logs with sticks as the grub bites the stick and the crow pulling it out while cats can only do ordinary tasks

Are crows smarter than dolphins?
  • Crows and ravens are better problem-solvers than dolphins. It's hard to tell for sure whether dolphins or corvids—the bird family of crows and ravens—are smarter, since they exist in such drastically different environments. But one thing's for sure: these feathered fellas are certainly more cunning.
Are crows smarter than hawks?

Observations have shown that a corvid is more intelligent than a falcon.

Are crows smarter than humans?

Crows Appear To Have a Form of Intelligence Thought To Be Reserved for Humans… But a new study released in Science proves that they may be even smarter than we think.

Are crows smarter than owls?

Ravens, also of the Corvidae family, are equally, if not more, intelligent than crows. and also sparrows are much smarter too.

Are crows smarter than ravens?


  • Know how to make and use tools
  • Can recognize and memorize a human face for as long as two years
  • They can tell which people are bad and warn other crows about them
  • To crack a nut, they drop it in the street and let a car break it for them, then they retrieve it
  • They can learn by watching other crows
  • When a crow dies, other crows surround the crow from the tree top, stay silent for a few minutes, then fly off
  • A crow's intelligence is similar to a person's
Most of what I posted about crows was from a video I once saw, i'll see if I can post the link to it, but also in that video is said that crows had the intelligence of a young child, which is actually smarter than you think.RavensSorry, but I don't really know anything about a ravens intelligence other than I've heard that they are pretty smart. Someone else will have to improve this part of the answer....

Are cuttlefish smarter than dolphins?

Why Cuttlefish Are Smarter Than We Thought Cuttlefish, the squishy sea creatures, showed impressive self-control in an experiment. It means they have something in common with primates.

Are dogs smarter than pigs?

Pigs outperform 3-year-old human children on cognition tests and are smarter than any domestic animal, and animal experts consider them more trainable than cats or dogs.