Do whales have femurs?

Sonny Shanahan asked a question: Do whales have femurs?
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In whales today, the flippers are what remains of the forelimbs, but the only hints of the former hind limbs are the vestiges of a pelvis and femur embedded in the body wall. One in 100,000 whales is estimated to have a slightly protruding stub of a hind limb.


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A male killer whale known as the orca, spanning more than 30 feet, has surprisingly surfaced in the south of Belize—a very rare sight in our tropical waters.

🌴 Does philippines have whales?

Whales and dolphins belong to the Order Cetacea, commonly called cetaceans. In the Philippines there are 27 species of whales and dolphins belonging to 5 different families: Balaenopteridae, Delphinidae, Kogiidae, Physeteridae, and Ziphiidae… A blue whale spotted in the Bohol Sea.

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  • San Juan Islands, Washington…
  • Bar Harbor, Maine…
  • Maui, Hawaii…
  • Juneau, Alaska…
  • Cape Cod, Massachusetts…
  • Newport Beach, California…
  • Jacksonville, Florida.

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10 Sep 2014, 00:53. Researchers studying the pelvic bones of dolphins and whales reveal that these seemingly useless remnants of an ancient landlubber lifestyle actually have a purpose. Turns out ...

Whales Do Have Hair While it's not immediately obvious, whales do have hair. There are over 80 species of whales, and hair is only visible in some of these species. In some adult whales, you can't see hair at all, as

One in 100,000 whales is estimated to have a slightly protruding stub of a hind limb. But in all whale fossils examined, paleontologists had yet to find limbs and feet.

Do whales have femurs? In whales today, the flippers are what remains of the forelimbs, but the only hints of the former hind limbs are the vestiges of a pelvis and femur embedded in the body wall. One in 100,000 whales is estimated to have a slightly protruding stub of a hind limb. Why do Whales have hip bones but no legs?

Indeed, the earliest known whales, which date back as far as 50 million years ago, had well-developed hindlimbs and are believed by most paleontologists to have evolved from four-legged ...

Snakes and whales do not have hind limbs. They do have certain bones in the hinder part of their bodies, but they do not use them for walking or locomotion. What evolutionists claim is that these bones are vestigial organs that used to be hind limbs and they lost the use of them. Now, they are said to be useless, and are pointed at as proof of ...

Secondly, why do modern whales have very small but useless pelvic bones? Modern day whale species, have very small pelvic bones in comparison to their body size, and also they are useless . This is because this bones in the whale body are remnants from the time when their ancestors were land dwelling creatures, thus they had legs as the typical land mammal has.

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Do grey whales have baleen?
  • Gray whales have no dorsal (back) fins. Instead, they have a low hump and a series of six to twelve knuckles or bumps. Gray whales are baleen whales, and each has approximately 300 plates of cream-colored baleen hanging from its upper jaw.
Do grey whales have teeth?
  • Baleen Whales. Again, baleen whales are whales that do not have teeth. Whales such as, the Gray whale, Blue whale, Humpback whale, and Right whale have baleen plates instead of teeth. Because of this, they let in large amounts of water and filter in krill , small crustaceans, worms, plankton, fish, etc.
Do humback whales have enemies?

It is important to know, that humpback whales do not have natural predators; the human being is their only enemy, through the indiscriminate killing of whales, environmental pollution and toxins poured into the seas. These factors contribute negatively, in the life of these and other marine creatures.

Do humpback whales have blowholes?
  • Answer: A humpback whale has 2 blow holes on the top of its head. Toothed whales have only one blowhole. The warm moist lung air is mainly expelled from the blowholes as a cloud of condensation. It is this cloud of condensation that today helps us spot whales and in the whaling days, led to the famous..."Thar she blows".
Do whales have 2 blowholes?

It is homologous with the nostril of other mammals, and evolved via gradual movement of the nostrils to the top of the head. As whales reach the water surface to breathe, they forcefully expel air through the blowhole… Baleen whales have two blowholes positioned in a V-shape while toothed whales have only one blowhole.

Do whales have good hearing?
  • Killer whales have a well-developed, acute sense for hearing underwater. A killer whale's brain and nervous system appear physiologically able to process sounds at much higher speeds than humans, most likely because of their echolocation abilities. Soft tissue and bone conduct sound to a toothed whale's middle and inner ears.
Do whales have good memory?

Cetaceans (whales and dolphins) have a good memory as they can be trained (in captivity). They teach their young how to hunt and play… A normal assumption is that fish only has a 3 second memory, but researchers have seen that fish can remember potential predators for months and some species can work in teams.

Do whales have taste buds?
  • Since whales, dolphins, and porpoises all belong to the same cetacean family, whales may also possess the ability to taste their food. If these marine mammals have well-adapted taste buds, it may be possible for them to taste (sense) certain types of nearby food, much like the way a human can smell cake that is baking in the oven.
Does ripley's aquarium have whales?

Although we don't have orcas here at Ripley's Aquarium of Canada, they are an indicator species–a signal of what is happening to marine life across the planet. The issues affecting orcas are the same ones negatively impacting many of our favourite aquarium species, like sharks, sea turtles and stingrays.

Does south korea have whales?

Whale hunting is banned both by South Korean law and by the International Whaling Commission, which put a moratorium on commercial whaling in 1986, but whale meat remains popular in several coastal cities… “Ulsan is the place to be if you are craving a plate of whale meat,” the article says.

Does st lucia have whales?

The most prolific species of whale seen off the coast of St Lucia is the playful, but enormous, humpback whale… Between June and October, sightings of whales are all but guaranteed. Tourists are also very likely to spot a wide variety of other wildlife, including plenty of curious dolphins.

What aquariums have humpback whales?

Monterey Bay Aquarium — Humpback whales have arrived in Monterey Bay–and...

Which aquariums have beluga whales?

The Georgia Aquarium is one of only six facilities in the world to host beluga whales, and through the aquarium's new Beluga & Friends Interactive Program you get the once-in-a-lifetime chance to get in the water with the playful creatures.

Which zoos have beluga whales?

Some other notable distinctions include their dorsal ridge (most whales have fins) and their ability to easily navigate in both shallow river mouths and estuaries as well as ocean depths of over 2,500 feet. Guests can see all of this for themselves right from Mystic Aquarium’s Arctic Coast, the largest outdoor beluga whale habitat in the United States (at 750,000-gallons).

Why do whales have blowholes?

Because whales are mammals that need surface oxygen just like humans do, they use their blowholes as a way of breathing in and out at the water's surface, allowing them to absorb enough oxygen to sustain them for a lengthy dive.

Do antarctic minke whales have flippers?
  • Unlike common minke whales who have white markings on their flippers, Antarctic minke whales are unbanded. As far as whales go, they are actually pretty small too.
Do any aquariums have beluga whales?

On May 10 (the same week that five beluga whales moved), it was discovered that all marine mammals in Marineland were suffering from poor water quality. According to a document obtained from the Animal Care Review Board by the Canadian press, inspectors asked MarineLand to repair the pool’s water system for beluga, dolphins, walruses, sea lions and one killer whale that day.

Do beaked whales have throat grooves?

Beaked whales have a pair of throat grooves which are in the shape of a “v” with its apex pointing forward. The anterior end of the throat grooves lies posterior to the symphysis of the lower jaws and anterior to the jaw joint (i.e., in the throat region). Throat grooves are present in gray whales and sperm whales but absent in all other species.

Do false killer whales have friends?
  • Family and friends are everything if you’re a false killer whale. They are highly social, forming strong, lasting bonds and friendships. These spirited dolphins tend to swim energetically in groups of 10 to 40 dolphins, jumping out of the water, performing flips and generally mucking about together.
Do giant beaked whales have teeth?

As the name suggest, they have a very long prominent beak, even by beaked whale standards. The lower jaw is longer than the upper and the front teeth are visible even when the mouth is fully closed, forming so called ‘battle teeth’.