Do dolphin whistles work?

Deja Stoltenberg asked a question: Do dolphin whistles work?
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In the study, the researchers found that when they recorded the signature whistles of wild bottlenoses and played them back to them, they responded by repeating the call. When the researchers played the chirps of other dolphins, the creatures stayed silent, or made unrelated, non-whistling noises.


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🌴 Are bottlenose dolphin signature whistles co-ordination calls?

  • "Context-specific use suggests that bottlenose dolphin signature whistles are cohesion calls". Animal Behaviour. 56 (4): 829–838. doi: 10.1006/anbe.1998.0881. PMID 9790693. S2CID 32367435. ^ a b Díaz López, B.; Shirai, J.A.B. (2009). Mediterranean common bottlenose dolphin's repertoire and communication use.

🌴 How does the dolphin form clicks and whistles?

In general, dolphins make two kinds of sounds, “whistles” and “clicks” (listen to the false killer whales on this page). Clicks are used to sense their surroundings through echolocation, while they use whistles to communicate with other members of their species and very likely, with other species too. It is also thought that each dolphin has a unique whistle called a ‘signature whistle’, which is used to identify an individual.

🌴 Do dolphins have whistles?

  • The idea that dolphins have a name in the form of a whistle has been around since the 1960s, and studies of captive dolphins have shown that the animals are responsive to the whistles of dolphins they know.

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Dolphins produce a rich acoustic repertoire, including clicks, burst pulses and tonal calls, usually referred to as whistles, for communication and echolocation. Tonal calls are used in social interactions and shaped by vocal learning so that a dolphin can produce individual signatures or imitate the signatures of conspecifics [ 1, 2 ].

Dolphin whistles however, are primarily used for social aspects of dolphin life, from identifying particular individuals, to broadcasting one’s location, and even coordinating group behavior. Dolphins are typically found in groups, called pods, so whistling is a frequent vocalization and is of paramount importance for these creatures.

They claimed that dolphins share one predominant whistle type, with some individual differences when the dolphins are in isolation, as opposed to each individual dolphin having its own distinctive...

Dolphins typically whistle to each other underwater, through a special structure just beneath their blow holes. SailHawaii.comResearchers say the sounds have...

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  • Scientists refer to these as ‘frequently modulated sounds’, which means that the pitch of the sound changes with time – rising and falling. Scientist have leaned that dolphins are amazing vocal mimics – able to reproduce manmade whistle structures with precise accuracy.
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  • Like dolphins, killer whales depend on underwater sound for orientation, feeding and communication. They make clicks, whistles and pulsed calls. Clicks are believed to be primarily used for navigation and identifying objects such as prey in the environment but they are also used for social interactions.
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