Can you use 2 different types of ddr3 ram?

Candice Schultz asked a question: Can you use 2 different types of ddr3 ram?
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Yes. As long as both modules are supported by the motherboard, the faster stick of RAM will clock down to match the slower one. Enjoy your 8 GB of RAM. Also, you do not have to worry too much about breaking your motherboard as long as the memory types match the slots.


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While there is not a hugely significant difference, DDR4 is faster and better than DDR3. However, DDR3 is still a great option for gamers, and it is not always worth upgrading your PC, though DDR4 is more future proof… Although DDR4 RAM is better overall, it may not be compatible with the motherboard that you own.

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Is ddr3 ram still good for gaming?

DDR3 is quick and responsive enough to work well for gaming. It is worth remembering that the maximum memory size for DDR3 is 16 GB… If you are running large software or multiple different programs alongside gaming, you may benefit from a higher amount of GB. However, for gaming purposes DDR3 is still a great option.

What is the fastest ddr3 ram available?

The highest speeds of DDR3 typically are around 1600 MHz. Taking this into consideration DDR4 is faster.

Which ddr3 ram is best for gaming?
  • Editor's Pick. Corsair Vengeance Pro. Capacity. 32GB. Frequency. DDR3-1600. CAS Latency…
  • Runner Up. Kingston HyperX Fury. Capacity. 8GB. Frequency. DDR3-1866…
  • Best G.Skill DDR3 RAM. G.Skill Ares. Capacity. 8GB. Frequency. DDR3-1600…
  • Best Value DDR3 RAM. Corsair Vengeance LP. Capacity. 4GB. Frequency. DDR3-1600.
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