Can you hide the mouse cursor?

Blanche Kuhic asked a question: Can you hide the mouse cursor?
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If the cursor is still visible on your screen while watching a movie or video, then you can try to tap the period key on your keyboard. This will instantly hide the cursor from view.


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🌴 How to make dolphin hide mouse cursor?

Go to Config -> Display -> Under Emulation Display Settings, make sure 'Hide Mouse Cursor' is checked. 1 - 3 of 3 Posts.

🌴 How to hide mouse cursor in next generation emulation?

  • Download the standard client here OR preferably download the GPU or SMP client here. Go to Config -> Display -> Under Emulation Display Settings, make sure 'Hide Mouse Cursor' is checked. Hey it's done. Time to celebrate with a quarantine. [Wii] Videos I've collected some Wii videos here. Thanks a lot for posting them, please make more of them.

🌴 How to hide cursor on dolphin?

At the very bottom of the interface menu, there should be an option that says "Always Hide Mouse Cursor." Check that option. Keep in mind that this only applies if you are playing in full screen, not windowed.

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When does the dolphin cursor turn on automatically?
  • The best example where the Dolphin Cursor turns on automatically is when an HTML window has the focus, for example, when reading a web page. Trainer Tip: Users of magnification may prefer not to use the Dolphin cursor.
How to disable the cursor from showing on dolphin?

Go to Config -> Display -> Under Emulation Display Settings, make sure 'Hide Mouse Cursor' is checked.

Where is the cursor on no more heroes dolphin?
  • Click on the Cursor option, then click on the 'Select' button at the right. Cursor X/Y/-/+ will then be seen at the bottom text box. Now click OK to finish binding that setting to Up/Down/Left/Right)
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Control --> Location bar ---> make sure 'editable location' isn't checked off.

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