Are mules alive?

Jacey Grant asked a question: Are mules alive?
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For example, mules are born when a male horse mates with a female donkey. This produces a genetically distinct creature, a mule, which happens to be sterile as a species and so incapable of reproduction. By our first definition of life, therefore, we cannot classify a mule as alive.

Mules (and other infertile hybrids), despite being obviously living organisms, in the light of this definition are considered inanimate objects.


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🌴 Do mules reproduce offsprings?

  • This makes it difficult, but not impossible, for chromosomes to pair up. There are no known cases of fertile male mules, but there are a few rare documented cases of female mules producing offspring, but only when it mated with a donkey or a horse. Because they don't have an even number of chromosomes.

🌴 Why are mules sterile?

  • Mules are sterile because they have an odd number of chromosomes, which affects the production of sperm. Because a mule is the result of a horse and donkey mating, the chromosomes do not add up correctly and create the genetic defect of sterility. The mix up occurs when the chromosomes from the horse and the donkey combine.

🌴 What is span of mules?

  • The sounds created by mules are a combination of those produced by its parents. It cries like a donkey while its whining sounds like that of a horse. Mules have a longer life span than that of a horse. A horse lives upto 15 years while the farm bred mule has the ability to survive upto 18 years.

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